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Friday, August 14, 2009

Have a great weekend

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Ewww! That was a gross look then, and it is still a gross look now.

Have a great weekend eatin' pie, Jack

I'll see your Zeppelin Rock 'n Roll, and raise you Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll.


Great stuff. And I'll double up on Les Pauls and go all in with Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Hey Hey My My (Into the Black).


I sometimes make a little game of trying to identify the artists featured in Bojack's Friday "Have a Great Weekend" postings before hitting the Play button.

This one was a no-brainer, obviously (?) selected because it features Jimmy Page playing his Les Paul.

Here is one of my favorite songs, from a band that had a helluva lot of guitarists. Check out the 60 second solo by Gary Rossington on his Les Paul that starts about 1:08.


IMO, this was one of the best concerts in rock history, a true treasure given the plane crash that destroyed the band the next year. They played their last concert in my hometown before hopping on a tour plane that never made it to Baton Rouge for the next show.

I still get a little weepy thinking about it.

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