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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dying institution exhibits acute senility

Randy Gragg is long gone, but the mindless cheerleading in the O for questionable developer pork lives on. Here's the latest -- note, there's not a trace of any critical thought anywhere in it. Go by streetcar!

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I was all set to get angry, when I clicked on the link. But that building looks pretty cool. That said, 90 million is a lot of money for just one building.

It makes economic sense to build new public-owned buildings with high-efficiency measures like this building has.

But $90M for this green phallic belt-buckle, when there are needs at every public campus in the state? Crumbling or outdated facilities, at the college and K-12 levels. If we start working on that problem and get back to focusing on infrastructure, I'll gladly back that development pork.

Lew Bowers would know ALL about petri dishes...he lives in one...that fosters the muck of the PDC!

Jack, the issue here is that apparently the idea of objective and unbiased journalism is completely passe. Journalists apparently now believe the fourth estate exist to promote their personal POVs. A recent private exchange with a PDX based journalist who I will not publicly name has served to reinforce my cynicism about the media. And what is more sad is that there will few sources of unbiased information for people who are looking for facts to use to make sound decisions. It's all going to be sound bytes and Fox style news from one faction or another.

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