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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear Fireman Randy

I know you like to read over the weekend, then come into work on Monday and... well... kind of proclaim yourself an expert on whatever it was you read. So here's a suggestion for your agenda for this weekend. Read it, and think about it. Especially this part:

Seattle political consultant John Wyble said voters were grumpy with a city government they viewed as out of touch. He cited the snowstorm and the continued push for a $4.2 billion tunnel project to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, despite voter rejection of a previous tunnel plan.

"Whether or not the mayor is to blame, it just played into people's frustration that the city doesn't really seem to listen," Wyble said.

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Wow! Nickels spent $500K (2.5x the closest guy) and still couldn't clear the bar.

We really don't need much of a condidate to beat Randy or Sam, we just need someone.

Don't touch the pigs at the state fair...or at city hall!

Randy listens ... remember the Lents stadium siting debate?

"The more people are opposed to it, the more I want it."

What a sensitive, in touch, and responsible leader we (well, not me) elected!

For those thinking that Leonard is easy pickings, recall that his views, tendencies, and personality were all well known last year, and yet he didn't attract a single credible election challenger.

Yesterday's AP piece in the O included these grafs:

"The snowstorms dumped 14 inches of snow on a city that rarely sees that much. Given a relative lack of plows, steep hills and a stubborn refusal to salt roadways, the city all but shut down.

A Seattle Times investigation revealed that the city held some plows in reserve even as neighborhoods complained of snowbound paralysis, and Transportation Department officials focused snow removal efforts disproportionately in West Seattle, where Nickels lives.

'There are two weeks in December I would love to have back,' Nickels said."

Our alleged mayor, who had been overseeing PBOT for four years, had a plan for Portland during last December's inclemency: with shovel in hand at a presser during the local paralysis, he told us to clear our own walks.

His decision to "just let it melt" meant that local restaurateurs and retailers lost the holiday revenues they depend upon to maintain their businesses; some did not survive. Performing companies -- theater, dance -- realized enormous holes in their operating budgets and later came to our alleged mayor for bailouts from public funds.

But Jim Mayer is correct: in the absence of a "None of the Above" option and unless actual leaders emerge, this crowd that has been so abusive, so duplicitous toward the people who live in this city will continue in office.

And sammy took out a 4 wheel from the city motor pool while we were all stranded and guess what the motor pool folks found when he returned it. You guessed it. Receipts for rental porn in the glove box. Driving a goverment vehicle to porn shops, is that OK

Wow. I wouldn't think a public official would dare venture into a porn shop, much less leave any trace of evidence. Oh yeah, we're talking about our il-LUST-rious mayor. He's a hot blooded little guy.

Being an old timer, I remember when creepy Frank (Ivancie) was on the council and then mayor. A lot of us used to write in nonsense stuff to express our displeasure with him and a lack of choices. I used to write in cartoon character names. And the amount of that stuff used to be reported in election results (I don't think the county reports that kind of stuff any more). It led to a dark horse named Bud running and the rest is history.

Maybe we all should write in Jack Bogdanski the next time the Fireman is up for election.

Hey Jack, don't shoot the messenger. ;-)

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