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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crisis in Jersey calls for Portland solution

The City of Englewood, New Jersey has issued a stop-work order on renovations to the property on which Libyan cutthroat Moammar Gadhafi wants to pitch his tent next month. And surprise, surprise -- Moammar's work crews are defying the order:

On Wednesday, with an armada of trucks and vans parked on the grounds, it was clear that new sod and a lawn-sprinkler system were about to be installed and that the roof on the house — a three-story, 25-room structure once known as Thunder Rock — was being replaced with reddish stone. Because of damage to neighboring properties, the city has issued a stop-work order, but it has been visibly ignored.
This is a job for Fireman Randy! He and his Greek Cusina hit squad could really make a name for themselves back there.

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Moammar is about to run into the fiercest foe he's ever faced. Al Qaeda? Nah. Hamas? Hezbollah? Nope. Far, far worse: city planning and permitting bureaucrats. (Shudder.)

They might make him redo his roof for violating the stop work order. He might get a fine, too. This is pure comedy.

Perhaps there is some sort of diplomatic immunity.

Hamas-nah, AlQueda? Nope. Even city planning bureaucrats? No match for the Homeowners Association! Look out Moammar!

a stop work order in New Jersey only means he hasn't gifted the local Mullahs properly

Randy and his cronies just hit my business.

The whole system they are using is unconstitutional. I paid my building fees, and they wanted more. The honest inspector I used to use was fired when I called for advice on how to proceed. then I found out hundreds of inspectors were fires and only a handful of dishonest building inspectors were left.

I think they are simply after my building. Why will the press not cover this illegal hit squads?


"I think they are simply after my building. Why will the press not cover this illegal hit squads?"

Your building in a desirable section of town? Does it have businesses in it that the City doesn't like (e.g. they sell evil non-green things, or spray paint)?

If you don't get in line, you're gonna get squished. That's how corruption works.

Meanwhile, Englewood's mayor takes action today:

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