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Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't you feel 'em circlin', honey

There are some great white sharks in the waters off Oregon these days. Not surprising, in that the water felt a lot warmer at the end of last week than it did at the beginning. There's some bloody video here and still photos here.

These predators mostly eat seals and sea lions, and so if you're going into the water, you should try not to look like one of those. Experts advise that you try to look like a lawyer, so that they'll leave you alone out of professional courtesy.

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It has been pretty well known in the local diving community that this occurs every time there is an El Nino current prevailing. They're not sure if it's movement of prey, or the warmer currents allow for expanded range.

I have dove off Depoe Bay in December when the water temp was 58 degrees (during an El Nino.) We were careful to keep a constant watch for sharks, and not spend much time on the surface to minimize looking like seals or sea lions.

Dressing like an MBA will work, too. Great whites have no interest in bottom feeders.

"...look like a lawyer..." Jack, this is one of your best!

Shunned as "courtesy" ... or as being fetidly distasteful.

Just in time for Discovery Channel's Shark Week...

Don't dress like a reporter from the "O"--hear they taste like chicken.

My friend at work fishes in the tourneys at the coast, and he's good friends with the guy who filmed the video and took the pictures. He just emailed me and told me the guy is getting some serious death threats.

Your friends friend better not hold a townhall meeting.

Actually, Spud, O reporters don't taste like anything, they merely mimic the flavor of the more powerful and well-dressed ingredients.

I've known superb lawyers who are also unimpeachably decent human beings. On the other hand, I've never known sharks like those of Wall St Nation:

Actually, if you viewed Bob Simon's piece on "60Min's" last evening, it's the sharks who need the lawyers.

Man I love Jimmy Buffett :)

The man in the grey suit is always out there, El Nino or not. Stay away from the outlets of rivers. Florence jedi is a classic place to spot a fin. Cannon Beach had a definite reputation in the 80s among divers as it was believed that a large great white had taken up permanent residence out past Haystack, past the kelp beds.

Jack, that line is SOOO old!

Still more elasmobranchs cruising domestic waters:

Earlier references in this forum to a preference for credit unions suggest a judicious wariness already in practice.

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