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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you fly an aerial tram at half staff?

Bob Gerding has died at age 71, which is a pretty young age to go. The guy had been a big part of changing Portland from a special place that we liked a lot to a fake New York that we don't like nearly as well. But he has just left this world, and it's not the time to speak ill of him. Sincere condolences to those who will miss him.

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Gerding was ahead of his time with sustainability, and made huge contributions to Portland culture. He will be missed.

Did anyone notice in the fawning article the "O" wrote about him that it failed to mention his namesake Gerding Theater is way behind on it's bonding payments?

Can you fly an aerial tram at half staff?

Is OHSU getting ready to let some more people go?

The city council will be dazed and lost for a while. And if Homer goes next, who will tell them what to put where? how will they spend their days?

When I heard Robert Novak died, I didn’t jump for joy. I just got all goose-pimply!

none--I don't think OHSU even has the funds to equip their $100MM-200MM Bioscience center let alone staff it.

Can you fly an aerial tram at half staff?

Absolutely; about every Sunday you can find the two tram cars stopped in mid-string, just hanging there with nobody inside them. $70+ million dollars, just blowing away in the wind.

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