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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy work for the P.R. army

The City of Portland's tax receipts are dropping like a rock as the local economy continues to wheeze and sputter. Police precincts are closing, the permit bureau is being decimated by layoffs, budgets are being slashed...

Hey! I've got an idea! Let's redesign the city website!

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I used to think govt was good for only 3 things:
- Passing unnecessary laws
- Throwing money at bad ideas
- Finding creative ways to raise taxes

Add skill set number 4, the disinformation and distraction function.

Budget shortfalls arent a concern for them. They will always come up with new and interesting ways to raise taxes on everyone while driving more businesses out of town.

Less tax receipts? No problem, we'll just sell more bonds! It's like free money!

Well, at least Fireman Randy and a couple council members got their raises before any of this happened...

The Bureau of Development Services is funded by fees and their business has decreased due to the recession.

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