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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Badge of dishonor

Eugene's public water company is dropping the phrase "Water Board" from the name of Lloyd Knox Water Board Park. Too much similarity to the torture technique of the same name. They considered leaving it in and changing "Lloyd Knox" to "Dick Cheney," but decided against it.

Comments (5)

They could have renamed it the Lloyd Knox EWEB Park.

Suggests a new name for the Beavers' current stadium: We're Bored Park.

What about a Dick Cheney Skate Board Park? It can be a place for pimply teens to ride skateboards over an effigy of the Big Dick.

The comments following the Oregonlive article were more informative than the article itself.

Are people down there too stupid to know the difference? Seems kinda dumb to go to all this trouble.

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