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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another bright, sunshiny day

Here's another peculiar rah-rah story in the O. This one is about how biofuels are the promise of the future for Oregon's beleaguered farmers. No mention of how the market for these fuels has tanked (if you'll pardon the expression), and processors are going under left and right. It's little wonder that economic downturns tend to catch our state off-guard. There's a lot of wishful thinking going on.

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It is interesting to note that the former name for canola was rape seed. Apparently some marketing type decided that this did not project the right image for cooking oil. Nevertheless the economics of bio-fuels do not pencil out. Simply requires to much energy to produce said energy. Hey, maybe we can run our cars on vodka...

Another of Fireman Randy's more ill planned projects still costs PDX a huge premium for bio diesel fuel.

Dumb Fireman Randy.

But I repeat myself.

Surprised Sleepy was not quoted in the spin.

I always argue against reading one story without seeing what else the paper has done. The O did a big and surprisingly realistic package on the bio bust a few weeks back. June 5, actually.
Still, this was way overplayed. We can probably find uses for rape seed -- and you can't blame them for changing the name -- but fuel is indeed an unlikely use.

We should do what's practical: Burn natural gas to make cleaner-than-coal electricity to power cars and almost everything else until the nukes get built.

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