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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for some R&R

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Wrong fish. Those are redtail drum. They don't live anywhere near the North Pacific or Bristol Bay where Palin is fishing for Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

Yeah, but if Opie and Caribou Barbie are really having an affair, they're not going to fish close to home.

Key difference:

Sten just went away, but Palin promises not to.

Palin is fishing for Sockeye (Red) Salmon.

Nope. She's angling for the Dollar Fish, a green, bottom-dwelling creature that all political anglers deny either fishing for or catching.

Never have I seen a "politician" who overestimates their ability as much as Palin seems to.

Why can't Creepy and Fireboy take inspirtaion from these two...

Ms. Palin is winning in this life. Thanks for keeping her in the public eye.

Uh, oh, the pun machine is going into overdrive . . . gills and buoys spawning new schemes . . .

Clearly Palin is angling for the wily sucker fish and is so prolific that she has exceeded her bag limit. Fortunately suckers are on the endangered species list and becoming more rare given the advent of the internet and a more well informed electorate.
Most of the remaining population of suckers can be found in the depths and vicinity of Fox news which makes them easy prey for even the most inarticulate propagandist. Happy angling.

Funny how scared the liberal press/media is of Palin. Amazing. You know, free publicity is hard to come by, you can't quit writing about her for some strange reason. Could it be her ideas are so main stream it scares you into taking pot shots, maybe that will make her go away? Not going to happen.

Er, I believe she's already gone -- except from the tabloid covers. The Republicans should be quite relieved.

I admit the thought of Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency was scary. It still scares me to think about that. Fortunately it didn't happen.
Most of this now is just a celebration of what an idiotic dingbat she really was. And listening to the ring-wing spinners try and say it was a brilliant move to quit her job....well, that actually made my balls tingle with joy.
Go Sarah, may your higher calling net you all the cash you desire!

Maybe she will be caught in the net too???
Those lethal drag nets catch everything without regard to collateral damage....

I wasn't as scared of Palin being one heartbeat away as I was of McCain's beating heart being in the President's chair. Something about a guy who had spent several years being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton having his finger on the button did not sit well with me.

Palin would have been better than Cheney was. She would have been caught.

Well, at least Palin could actually catch her fish, whereas Sten...errrr... not so much.

Eric the Flake should be so lucky

The primary problem with fast-trackers like Palin, Sten and Adams is that they haven't any real experience with adversity and failure until they get to a level where their failures become everybody's problem. The truth is that loss and setbacks are educational and it helps to get a real taste in your formative years. Everybody makes mistakes, but you can't have your biggest ones also be your first ones at the height of your career. People don't like that. We all learn our lesson some time; learning early is better.

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