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Friday, July 31, 2009

The truck has been drinking

Or so it appeared out in Hillsdale yesterday.

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That's got to be the strongest cable on Earth! Seriously, someone explain to me how a cable could possibly knock over a truck instead of snapping like a twig??

Well, it must be science Friday. Can someone explain why cables sag in hot weather? Do they expand that much?

Just about all suspended cables are designed to sag rather than snap and they have to have some margin (extra length) built in above the lowest predicted cold temperature. Look at any suspended cable at 20C (68F) and you'll see that it describes a nice curve rather than a taut line.

Even materials with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion sag get quite a bit longer when you're talking about miles of cable.

I think the cable didn't snap in this instance because the driver was going quite slowly when he snagged it -- so he didn't have a lot of momentum, and the cable was able to transmit the force along its length in time to restrain him.

Wow. What was it with trucks in SW yesterday? Another big rig went afoul at SW 78th and Canyon Dr. (a little cut through between Canyon Road and B-H Hwy) and had the street blocked while the tried to figure out how to get it back on the road.

The truck wasn't drunk. It was lifting its back leg for obvious reasons. If you had that much beer in you, you would too.

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