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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The City That Malfunctions

All systems are definitely not go in the municipal empire known as Portlandia. The air conditioning at the Southwest Community Center (site of the pool about which we posted just the other day, here) was disabled the other night by a power surge. And yesterday the elevator in the Portland Building was out, at least for a while. Meanwhile, the City Council seemed a bit dim at its Wednesday meeting.

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It's all good, we have a soccer stadium coming soon, no need to fix anything important.

Sure look like signs of the End Times to me. But then again, these disruptions aren't quite the karmic equivalent of the wrongdoing so often ascribed to our municipal leaders. Maybe it's time for a new topic or a sunnier perspective. After all, aside from the heat, what have we to complain about?

Perfect headline!

Well, the PDX elevators were out for about 20 minutes yesterday morning, with this broadcast e-mail going out at 10:47am:

The loss of elevators today in the Portland Building was not the result of high ambient temperatures. The elevator machine room is very cool and should remain relatively cool all day. The cause originated with the electric generators that serve the elevators during an outage. A contractor inadvertently cycled power from the utility source (PGE) without the generators being connected. The problem was quickly resolved and no damage was caused to the equipment.

But is there any report on riding the Tram
That's got to be pretty cool these days.

"the city council seemed a bit dim"
Sorry Jack that is not news, that is the way it always it these days! Though blind, deaf, and dumb, might better decsribe those folks.

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