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Thursday, July 9, 2009


The folks gathering signatures for the Sam Adams recall say they'll be handing out thank you cards to those who sign the petition:

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That's going to blow a big hole in the $0.18 per signature budget they were working with a few days ago. (Unless they got it for free.)

(Well, I guess the "paid for by" line on the card shows they didn't get it for free.)

I regret that I have but one signature to give to the recall.

Anybody know where I can find a piece of paper to sign?

You can frame that thing and hang it up next to a thank you card for signing the recall petition for Barbara Roberts. It will probably be the only thing we have to remember this whole recall effort when all is said and done.

It's been the strangest thing to watch people pick apart a recall effort, while seeming to forget the reasons such an extreme measure is even being pursued.

one day, before long, recalled or not, Mayor Facebook will be a hazy memory like Barbara Roberts. he's not going to be remembered for anything meaningful, really--except for being notably arrogant, vengeful, and embarassingly cavalier with the truth and ethical standards.

in other words, for being a mediocre and self-serving public servant. and that, I think, might be what Adams fears most--being forgotten and dismissed as unimportant to local government.

So if the recall is successful, what's next? Fireman Randy? What is the process?

Do I have to live in Portland to sign? Does Lake Oswego count. He's mediocre out here too, and his lies resonate just as badly here too.

It would stand to reason that you have to be a potential voter in Portland in order to sign the recall.

I'm already anticipating the "yes, he's bad, but let's move on, folks" patronizing editorial from the Oregonian.

That could be the O's corporate slogan for itself as well.

Hi Ep,

We just updated how you can get a petition. We now have a process that we can email them to you.

All the info you need is on the front page of our website.


Jasun Wurster


there might be some confusion about "getting" and "signing" a petition. I think most folks are going to want to know where to "sign" a petition.

Hi Ecohuman,

The best way to get a petition to sign is to be a volunteer signature collector. Even if the only signature that you get is your own.

We need every one who wants to hold Adams accountable for his actions to meet us half way. For my part I have made it so that we can email you petitions and you can print them out and mail them back to us.

The only way we will succeed is for people to help the campaign meet our goals of getting 50,000 signatures in 86 days.

Together we will make our government better,

Jasun Wurster

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