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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running the isolation play

Pro basketball forward Richard Jefferson, recently departed from Milwaukee on his way to play for San Antonio, had a rough weekend. Not only did he leave his bride standing by the altar, he also reportedly let his buddies use his American Express black card to have a party in his absence. That was a million dollars ago.

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You left out the juiciest bit: the persistent rumors of his gayness. If the rumors are true, he surely did the right thing. He's denying the rumors though, and I think it'll still be some time before an active pro athlete in a major sport (sorry WNBA and LPGA) comes out of the closet during his career.

Actually RJ said this morning, on the Dan Patrick show, the NY Post story was all BS.


"If the rumors are true, he surely did the right thing."

If the rumors are true, why would he get engaged in the first place?

Does he really have "RJ" inked on his arm? His own initials in a sunburst? Hilarious.

the NY Post story was all BS.

Not really. He denied some details, but admitted he had to pay the bride a large sum, his friends had a ball on his expense, and the whole thing cost him. Maybe not the $2 million originally reported, but undoubtedly north of $1 million.

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