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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Return of the locusts

A great tradition of Hudson County, New Jersey -- right across the river of the same name from New York City -- is a periodic roundup of politicians and throwing them in jail for corrupt activity. In my newspaper reporter days, a sweep of this kind had taken place a few years before, and one of the ongoing story lines we covered was which federal prison each of the culprits was in now.

The feds did it again today, with busloads of local officials, and even some rabbis, being hauled into federal court to face serious criminal charges. Among the alleged crimes are taking bribes and campaign contributions from real estate developers in exchange for favorable treatment. You don't say! One of the guys in trouble now had been an adjunct professor in the college I attended. Political Science, of course.

It appears to my untrained eye that there were separate scams going on. Initially there was some kind of money-laundering deal involving the rabbis, but somehow the Hudson County politicians were implicated, and once the FBI started looking at that... well, let's just say that finding bribe-takers in Hudson County is like shooting fish in a barrel. Large, slow fish.

I am so glad I moved to Portland, where human nature does not apply, and there's no need for prosecutions like these because there is no corruption. Meanwhile, back in Jersey City, there's probably some young journalist who's covering these goings-on, and to him or her I say, isn't writing for a living fun?

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Locusts is right -- it's federal appropriations season and US DOJ needs some badge-burnishing PR after yet another extended episode of violating our Constitutional rights with impunity.

Perp parades like that are also known as an "enhanced self-aggrandizement technique."

Hey Mueller & Holder: where's your good ol' boy Whitey Bulger?

What do you call the behavior of the our Mayor and City Council members?

As the Thermals sing, "So here's your future."

In Oregon, perps get plush jobs in places like the AG's office, because those directing their activities have politcal clout. Oregonian's are a**ses to ignore what they do. I know John Kroger is smart enough to figure things out. I just hope he is not too much of a politician interested in clout himself.

One mayor had only been on the job 26 days. Now that's what I call a motivated pol.

"I am so glad I moved to Portland, where human nature does not apply, and there 's no need for prosecutions like these because there is no corruption."

I am assuming you were being ironic but if you were not..... what have you been smoking?

Who killed Michael Franke?

Will Mr. Kroger look into that?

I mean the real killers.

It's long past time for the Portland Politician Perp Walk.....

RANZ: It's just too bad that Oregon appears to have an AG without any motivation.

There's no hope for the AG to act on anything. But there's always the FBI...

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