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Monday, July 20, 2009

Recall stations multiplying

With two and half months to go before the deadline for the anti-Sam Adams movement to collect 50,000 or so signatures calling for a recall petition, they're finally posting some answers to the question that many Portlanders have been asking: Where do I go to sign a petition? There aren't enough places on the list yet, but it's getting there.

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Maybe the " Its my way or the highway" attitude put up by Wurster is changing....

I still can't understand why they don't post a PDF of the petition form on their website and let people download it and mail it in.

That would be the 'green' thing to do.

I'm no expert on this, but I don't believe Oregon law allows you to do it that way. Or at least, if you do, you're setting yourself up for having your signatures tossed.

Visitors still have to log on to comment or read comments.

Site says:
"Total number of registered users: 378"

I am sure there would be many more and a livelier discussion and networking if there was not a registration requirement and if there was a visible blog updating readers of what was happening with the process, the new lawsuit, 20 good reasons to recall Sam, etc.

And no sites in NW? What's with that?

It's time to stop blog-commenting and start signing. I'm confident they'll get a NW station or two up soon.

The volunteer nature of the recall makes it seem amateurish, but I don't miss the paid signature gatherer zombies. At all.

NW Portlander - For whatever reason, Wurster feels like everyone who uses the site must register. He wants to keep track of volunteers. I pointed out that he could create two classes of users but he's not listening and not understanding the consequences of being unwilling to change.

I applaud Jasun's efforts, but I just tried to register for a petition and everything failed. Jasun, please make things easier. This computer age system of petitioning will be disregarding a large percentage of people who have an interest on at least having a recall election.

I'll keep trying to tune into your system but please heed the warnings. All my neighbors are getting restless because they haven't seen any results on the recall efforts. Visibility is important. Keep trying.

Hi none,

Page 23 of the recall manual states that the chief petitioner must review all the guidelines and requirements with collectors *before* they start collecting signatures. This is why I can not post .pdf's to the site for all to download. I need a way to prove that I fulfilled my legal obligation.

Hi NW Portlander,

If you know any businesses in the NW that would keep petitions please do call me at 503-799-7919. It is our volunteers, which we have over 825 registered on the website, that provide our Recall the best leads.

The Recall website is not meant for Fonzi-type of livelier discussion, it is there for volunteers to get information on how they can help Recall Sam Adams for lying to get elected... plus we would never want to compete with the blogs.

Hi LucsAdvo,

As I have pointed out many times, you do not have to register to get petitions. In essence there are 2 classes of website users already.

1) unregistered users who can see almost all of the site

2) registered users who can leave comments and read the newsletters

Again, you do not have to be registered on the site to get a petition.

Hi Lee,

We are hitting the "digital divide" and as soon as we get enough donations we will start using some more low-tech ways of recruiting volunteers.

I can not stress enough that we need more volunteers collecting signatures to meet our goal.

Please feel free to give my phone number, 503-799-7919 to anyone who wants to join our Recall.

Jasun Wurster

Nice to see Wurster trying to justify his ineptness again....LMAO !!!


Do me a favor and call me so we can have a civil conversation.


Jasun Wurster

Nice to see Wurster trying to justify his ineptness again....LMAO !!!

Bitch and moan, bitch and moan - I'm sure Adams just loves the petulant nitpicking of the self-important voyeurs in the peanut gallery.

Whatever your personal whine is about Wurster, it's not about you. I'm sure someone with your obvious intelligence can overcome the obstacles you perceive...

...can't you, or won't you?

Get over it, apparently Jack has.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

A conversation about how you are doing your best to ignore suggestions by the people, to make it easier to recall Mayor Creepy ??? People don't want to register for your website and wait for someone to knock on their door.

So put your big boy pants on get some people together, and hit the streets like every other petitioner does.. and lose the qualification of "if your a homophobe you can't sign" along with your other asinine personal rules you have...

If you cannot stomach a "lively debate" on this, hand the reins over to someone who can....So that the recall has a chance to succeed.

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