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Saturday, July 4, 2009

News from the hood

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Artest gives the Lakers an unfair advantage in defending their title. Kobe will no longer have to guard opposing teams' best players. Monster year for Kobe ahead.

Nothing's official yet though, and Ron could still take a page from Hedo's playbook.

Maybe Trevor should have a little chat with his agent, he's gonna stink as a lead player in Houston. Adelman will have some challenges ahead of him.

Love the 'Shop...

There was a part of me hoping Artest would land in Portland. He's the type of tough do-it-all player they need at the 3... if not Ron Ron, then someone similar. But he really won me over this year with his hustle and graciousness to the Blazers after a hard-fought series. He's a little 'out there', but he's not the bad guy he's made out to be.

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