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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Latest Adams document dump reveals new details

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger, who refused to convene a grand jury or press charges in the Sam Adams teen sex case, released a bunch more documents relating to the case yesterday. We got a half dozen or so new e-mail messages from Tony Green, Kroger's p.r. flak, with megs and megs of attachments that brought our anemic e-mail setup to a grinding halt.

We've already blogged about how unusual it is for a prosecutor to release documents this way, particularly in a case that was deemed unworthy of pursuit. It seems the A.G. wants to be both the good guy and the bad guy in the Adams case at the same time.

Apparently yesterday's load of documents didn't hold much newsworthy material -- or else the local mainstream media is too tired of the whole incident to want to dig through more minutiae. In the interests of thoroughness, however, we note that the latest batch includes the take-out order slip for a March 31 lunch meeting of Kroger and two of his lead investigators in the case, Ron Nelson and Donna Maddux. The form shows that the lunches were obtained from Kwan's Chinese restaurant on Commercial Street. Kroger had the no. 6 -- cashew chicken chow mein, sweet and sour prawns, and steamed white rice -- with a large Diet Dr. Pepper. Nelson had the no. 18 -- Szechuan beef -- medium hot, with 8-blend rice and a medium iced tea. Maddux had the no. 9 -- sweet and sour spareribs, egg foo young, and steamed white rice -- and a strawberry lemonade. The task force members also requested extra napkins and fortune cookies.

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But someone from that office will end up with egg foo yung on their face....

Along with the white rice they also got a large order of whitewash.

Too funny!

An army marches on its stomach. Even if they plan on throwing the battle.

"extra napkins and fortune cookies"

Ron: "I don't know, John. These envelopes of cash at city hall stink to high heaven. How are we going to handle that in our report?"

Donna: "Yeah, I'm sure your old Mafia types would laugh you out of the courthouse if you tried to say cash exchanging hands just prior to an interview was just a loan."

Ron: "You ask me, we have to indict - this just stinks too much. What do you say, John?"

John: "I say....who's hungry? Why don't we break for lunch!"

Read them again. Kroger is crafty. There must be something in there that only makes sense when tied to something in a prior document....

Considering that Kroger seems to have so fully digested the squid's defense mechanism, it is a bit surprising; but chicken makes sense too.

I'm getting tired of "crafty" from our public officials. I want "honesty and forthrightness".

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