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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping them in their place

Get this: The Vatican thinks that American nuns are getting too worldly. So now here comes an investigation that will no doubt try to force them back into convents and habits.

I wish the nuns would start their own church. I'd go.

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Ahhh yes...the Vatican. What a smelly rotten dung heap of spiritual and intellectual thought that place is. They have never been able to justify their discrimination against women and they never will.

I think the Vatican is starting into something that, even with the outcome already programmed, they don't really know how it will play out. Which doesn't bode well for anyone involved.

There'd be no talking in choich. That's for sure.

I'll never forget the sound of Mother Superior's heals clicking on the wooden floored hallways... You might not see her as you were sitting in your classroom behind a closed door, but she had her own sound as she went to her next destination in the old Catholic grade school I attended...That was in the early 60s..

I don't remember her face as much as I do the black ankle length gown and full habit she and the other nuns wore.. As a child, I always wondered if they had hair under that mask or if it was clipped short..

They all lived in a victorian style convent a few blocks away.. It resembled the mansion in the old TV series, The Munsters...

Both the school and their convent have since been torn down.. The church was built by Sicilian immigrants around the turn of the last century and is gothic in design.. It's still operating except most of the old Italians and Sicilians have died off.. From what I hear, the church is now patronized by the growing Latino community...

Go for it, Papa Ratzi. It's bad enough that millions of us who survived Catholic school watch the Penguin in The Blues Brothers with utter horror. (Just out of curiosity, I know that plenty of nuns in Catholic schools carried three-edged drafting rulers so they could guarantee at least one edge per rapped set of knuckles, but how many had holsters for those rulers the way my "favorite" did?) A few months of this "investigation," and they'll be carrying T-squares.

60's? mid fourties for me!

Sister Mary Raphael. I damn well remember her face. Red as a beet, especially when mad. And boy, could she could get pissed! Had me slammed into a wall for talking back when I was supposed to be cleaning erasers. In her office!

They all conspired to beat my left handedness out of me. Almost totally succeeded too. A lefty was sinister, in the biblical sense. Too bad they never realized that sinister merely meant left-handed.

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