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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just passing through

The whole family went up to the corner tonight to watch the International Space Station pass over. It was a very cool sight. A hat tip to Matt Zaffino at KGW for alerting his viewers that it was coming. Apparently, there are some more passes coming, in case you missed it, but man, that was a good one.

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I saw it from down here in Tualatin. I was really surprised on how bright and large it appeared.

I've seen many a satellite pass over, but this thing really did look as big as a football field, which apparently it is.

Upcoming passes: 9:51 pm Thurs., W-SSE; 10:15 pm Fri., W-SSW (lower); and 9:29 pm Sun., W-S.

In the linked chart, it shows the altitude at 10ยบ above the horizon. Is this high enough that you can see it over the west hills from inner SE without being at Mt. Tabor Park, or is this something that we'd need to drive over the hills for?

Also, I would imagine that the sun needs to have set, but this may not be the case... yes / no?

You can get updated info on the space station and all other visible satellites passing overhead at the website heavensabove.com.

We went outside last Saturday night with our neighbors and was able to see it even directly behind a streetlight.

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