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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Instantly tiresome expressions, cont'd

The whole "fail" thing has already gotten on my nerves. Just to show you how out of it I am, I don't even know where that one started. But I wish it would end.

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Yeah, I have teenagers...they use it incessantly.

From Urban Dictionary:

The real slang fail actually comes from party foul. It is commonly used when something goes wrong or does not fit the atmosphere of the situation. "Party Foul" is basically now being replaced by "FAIL" (Search Party Foul).
if someone spills beer -- "FAIL"
if someone breaks something -- "FAIL"
if someone embarrasses themselves -- "FAIL"
if someone does anything wrong -- "FAIL"

Also used thusly--
""Eat my brocolli and carrots? I DON'T WANT TO. YOU AND

Jack, don't worry, you are not made of Fail.

It even has its own set of modifiers!


So, is that a problem or an issue?

Don't blow a fuse, daddy-o! It's just the latest derivative subcultural generational idiom of ridicule or sarcasm (often group/self-reflexive) relating back to personal experience (sometimes only vicarious) with the blatant failures of the public school system educational model inflicted on a wide scale in the U.S. Viddy? And, pathetically & ironically enough, no professional set so often insists on being addressed as "Doctor" as over-educated "Education"-alists with Ph.D.'s.

Give me Prof. Irwin Corey anyday. You're a cool cat, too, Jack. As are many of the participants here.

23 skidoo!

I don't know. I have teenagers and they don't use it. I have seen it ad nauseum in comments from MLS supporters on sites such as the O and the Merc. Usually used in conjunction with "epic" - as in "epic fail," when they proceed to allegedly (in their minds only) "debunk" some sensible comment questioning the MLS fiasco.

I also vote for "oh noes." I frickin hate that.

I haven't heard this one yet. Still haven't got over "sweet", "as if", "Our New Economy", "just sayin'", "shovel-ready", "homeland", "soccer city", and "in the day."

Try this... ;-)


I second FailBlog... funny, even if the term is getting old.


street cars...fail
condos at south waterfront...epic fail

Recall...nano fail?

As far as tiresome expressions go, nothing trumps the righteous invocation of Godwin's Law for sheer willful, malevolent stupidity. It almost universally deployed solely to kill discourse and silence dissent; precisely the sort of behavior that comparisons to Nazis are so useful for.

i see your Fail and raise you a Lolcat:

i can haz cheezburger now?

It seems less threatening than a bit of the old ultraviolence, Clockwork-wise.

....another one that has me scratching my head is the way kids use the word "gay" as a way of expressing displeasure or disappointment in something. As in, "...dude that's totally gay...".

Yet for the most part they are the most open minded, least prejudiced group I can think of, typically accepting their gay friends without a second thought. Weird....

"Douche" is completely out of control. You could put "Fail" and "Tool" together and it still would not jumped the shark as bad as "Douche"

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