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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Il bacio della morte

Intentionally or not (we leave that up to you to decide), the guys at Willy Week dealt a hard body blow to the Sam Adams recall today with this "photo collage" (versions of which appear twice in the first seven pages of today's print edition). It gratuitously places recall advocate Jason Wurster side-by-side with Don McIntire, the anti-tax zealot who's one of the most despised people on earth among Portland's "progressive" population. The accompanying story also plays up a truly boneheaded remark Wurster reportedly made last week:

Wurster told last week’s gathering that donor anonymity is a priority given the mayor’s notoriously long memory. The plan is to keep individual donations under $100 so contributors’ identities may remain secret, though ultimately the petition signatures will be public.
What a story for the first days of the recall campaign: Wurster + McIntire + secret funding... maybe it's Parks and Sizemore!

Anyway, the story is a wake-up call for those progressives and gay rights folks who support the recall but would rather not be involved prominently. Unless some of them step up into the spotlight and soon, the recall is going to be deader than a Lon Mabon petition at a Basic Rights Oregon meeting.

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Wurster will be lonelier than a men's room attendant at a Melissa Etheridge concert.

This should have be a slam dunk recall.
Let's recall Wurster instead.....

I think the gay rights community (and many, perhaps most LGBT folks) see Adams as something of an embarrassment and are avoiding him like the plague.

That said, the reason why you're not seeing major LGBT rights advocates jumping on the recall bandwagon is that there are far more pressing matters going on right now that directly pertain to gay rights.

We'd rather pass the federal Employment Nondiscrimination Act. We'd rather repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which keeps legally married gay couples in six states from receiving any federal benefits of marriage. We'd rather repeal the law barring openly gay soldiers from serving in the military. We'd rather fight to repeal the amendment to the Oregon Constitution that denies us marriage rights. We'd rather work on the local level to address anti-LGBT bullying in the schools.

Sam is an embarrassment and proven poor leader, but the LGBT community has a pretty full plate right now, and Sam is the least of our problems.

I suspect that nobody in the LGBT etc etc community is sticking their heads above the parapet to support the recall, is they know Creepy will survive and in the PDX pink economy, he will "you'll never work in this town" them,

Actually, Anon 548 - Sam's the most of everybody's problems.

Sign the petition, then vote the narcissist out. Once he's gone, we can work on the real issues.

Hi All,

The recall has always been up front about keeping donations below $100 to protect one's identity against political retaliation Adams. It is very difficult at times hearing the fear in city employees who call me wanting to participate in their democracy, yet fear for their jobs. This is why we tell people this.

This recall is non-partisan.

I find it a bit strange how no one ever mentions the OPB and KBOO interviews where I said the exact same thing I told Don McIntire's group. This recall is about holding Sam Adams accountable for lying to get elected, orchestrating an elaborate cover-up and abusing his power. It is because of these deliberate acts that Adams no longer has the public trust or political capital to effectively represent us.

This recall is very much alive. People are becoming politically active and volunteering to collect signatures in their neighborhoods.

Together (which includes the people we disagree with politically) we will make our government better,

Jasun Wurster

Oooh, Don McIntire as the big bad wolf ... hilarious! Do you people even know Don? He's a patriot, cast straight from the mold that created our founding fathers. Yes, I am a fan. I am honored to be able to call him my friend. Let's hope this recall has many other supporters of the same caliber.

Hey, just focus on signing the petition. I am not getting throwing losers like Adams and McIntire into a collage, but so what? Can we just focus logically on what we want, Adams to be recalled?

If anyone else has a better idea to recall him, fine, but Wurster stood up to take the bullet, so at least support him by signing the petition.

Bringing out the McIntire bogey man is the signal to the public employees unions, the enviros, and the Bus kids to run away. And without at least some of those folks, the recall is going nowhere.

Too bad...
I guess I will continue to hole up in the wilderness for a while longer.

Bringing out the McIntire bogey man is the signal to the public employees unions, the enviros, and the Bus kids to run away. And without at least some of those folks, the recall is going nowhere.

If that is truly the case then Portland deserves Sam as Mayor.

Let's cut to the chase--where do we go to sign the petition???

By the way, Jasun, the way the City is laying people off right and left (my husband works in BDS and they're losing almost 50% of their workforce there), fear of reprisal is very real. If somebody in power sees my husband's name as a donor (or even a petition signer, perhaps), he might find himself drawing the short straw when the next round of layoffs hits. So don't tell us it's "non-partisan". It is. The only difference is that instead of donkey vs. elephant, it's pro-Sam vs. anti-Sam, and the pro-Sams are the ones making those layoff decisions.

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