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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey, lookee there, we're No. 1!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the "stickiest" blog by a law professor anywhere in the country. This and $2 gets me a ride on Tri-Met.

I thought this site might be sticky. Several Portland city commissioners and bureaucrats are always trying to scrape it off their shoe.

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Yeah, it's a sticky wicket for them.

Jack, why the dearth of information and comments over the Bull Run water issue on your blog? $800 million is an order of magnitude larger than the price tag for the Lents Park deal. We are finding many people in Portland ignorant of even an issue at all. July 29th, the issue may be voted on at City Council.

For several years you've been number one with me. Even though I live in Milwaukie now.

So what's the deal on the $800 million? How much will that add to your debt meter? And will it effect me here in Milwaukie. I'm already facing a substantial sewer increase thanks to DEQ, EPA and Nina Bell (rim shot).


Gee, ahead even of the infamous Althouse. I'm impressed.

Instapundit, upbeat and unbeatable linkage.

Yeah, hey, rightwing LIARS talk hate radio is all over the Bull Run Watershed thing -- where there are fearsome terrifiers, and they come in your house, and they're hiding under your bed!BOO ! Yikes! -- why aren't you lining up and saluting, Jack?

But, hey, seriously, way t' go floating high in the blog parade. High-steppin' the 'sticky.' I'm a little worried though, in that group it seems certain somebody is going to sue something.

I got this off katu twitter. I think there is a lack of respect from Comm. Leonard toward the Widmer Bros.

I really enjoy their Hefeweisen. I am deeply concerned.

I have lost a lot of respect for Leonard. He doesn't even know the economic impact of changing the Hef flavor.

I would guess that these guys have some experience with chemistry.


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