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Monday, July 20, 2009

Golden boy

I see that my main man Larry is retiring at the the ripe old age of 50. I get a kick out of this guy; he coasted along and survived. Wonder how much of a Powerball jackpot he'll get as he goes out the door.

UPDATE, 7/21, 4:55 a.m.: Oops! Looks like Larry's not the only one leaving. No wonder he's packing it in.

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Thanks, Jack. I'd never seen your 2005 post on the Kellner safety video but have wondered, every time I had to sit through it, how this clown got where he is.

Well, Continental has to lay off those 1700 others to cover his severance package. It's okay, though: at his age, he has another twenty to thirty years to drive once-successful companies into the ground before he'll retire to find the real killers improve his golf swing.

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