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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Games people play

The latest Northwest Examiner has a couple of juicy scam stories going. On the cover: a gerrymandered "urban renewal study area" that seems to have "parking garage" written all over it. On page 11: the latest "improvements" to the state's historic property tax abatement program. (Hint: Property owners win, the public loses. You were expecting otherwise?)

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We had speculated on this odd boundary inclusion a couple of months back, and a commenter who appears to be a staffperson from PPS responded that they were just getting involved at that time. I suppose the parking garage decision was already a done deal at that point, though.

I was glad to see this article. No one has mentioned that the new luxury condos adjacent to Couch Park also fall into this potentially "blighted area." I'm sure if they have not already got property tax offsets, they will if and when this new boundary goes into effect.

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