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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally, a mentor for Greg Oden

And it's a great one -- Brian Grant. Most hopeful thing I've heard about Mr. Draft Pick Hoopla yet.

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Agree, the Rasta Monsta is one of my favorite players of all time and can on basketball terms sure teach GO how to play great defense.

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I is certain that these kids have the physical tools coming to the NBA at such a young age, but do we pay enough attention to their mental tools.

Hopefully, BG will be able to help mature GO to the point he is able to tune out the garbage and become the player we had hoped for.

If he can make progress with Oden, god bless him. I think Maurice Lucas kinda washed his hands of Oden and his lack of mental toughness. This is still not accounting for his lack of skills like footwork.

Brian Grant is suffering from Parkisons Disease. How much more proof do you need that there is no God.

A buddy of mine had Brian Grant in his cab the other night. He said he was a very very nice guy, that they had a great conversation the whole ride about his kids and Portland, and that he ended up tipping $50 on a $40 ride. (Contrast this with Bonzi Wells, who regularly tipped my bartender friend $.25 a round when he'd drink with his crew at his bar.)

I'm really glad to have a guy like Grant in Portland, and I hope that he's a good influence on Oden.

Amen, Paniscus. Everyone I've ever spoken to who has met Grant says he is a real gentleman & a nice guy. He's been missed, and his return would be good for the Blazers and for the City - maybe we could get him to run for Mayor when the incumbent dirtbag is removed.

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