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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everybody feels the wind blow

Former Trail Blazer and lifetime Jail Blazer Zach Randolph has apparently been traded again -- this time from the Knicks Clippers to the Grizzlies.

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Isn't bonehead with the LA Clips??

Thank you -- of course -- correction made. For a minute there I lost track.

Quick, someone notify his parole officer.

He got out of New York and L.A. without getting incarcerated, I think. But Memphis is a different story. He'll have too much time on his hands and not enough city to get lost in. And he'll be hanging with Darius Miles again! Too funny.

This would be Lionel Hollins's first full year as a head coach in the NBA, but I wouldn't bet that he'll make it through the whole season.

It's hilarious to see the teams that are getting involved with Randolph. First, we dumped him to the Knicks, who were busy acquiring as many overpaid ball-hogging players as possible who all play the same two positions. Then he goes to the Clips, generally recognized as the worst franchise in the history of professional sports. I'm sure the Clippers were afraid they couldn't find a more poorly run franchise to send him to, but then remembered that there was a team who traded away one of the top 20 players in the league for essentially nothing. Way to go Grizzlies! Keep making moves like this for the next 30-or-so years, and you might surpass the Clippers as the worst franchise ever.

Too bad Damon got out out of Memphis before being reunited with Zebo and DMiles. They could have gotten their rolling papers together at Costco. The definition of a bad GM:Agreeing to take the Clips worst contract off their hands. Good luck Lionel.

Traded from the Siberia of professional basketball to the sweaty anus of pro basketball. Perfect for Zach "I'm A Gangsta, Not A Blazer" Randolph.

He's beginning to sound like one of those pederast priests. Once the scandal load builds too much, they ship them off to a new town to start all over again.

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