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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dulce silencio

Last night I blogged about the miracle of a Mariners game on cable TV (channel 34) with crowd sounds but no annoying announcers. Even the commercials were muted! Tonight I accidentally figured out how it happened. My jiffy new remote control from the Comcastards has a "lang" button on it, and somehow it was switched to "Spa." Since they don't have Spanish, at least for now, you get the benefit of the absence of announcers. Right now we have a repeat of tonight's Mariners game from Fenway going -- great stuff.

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Jack, thanks for that little bit of information. I really hope it works for the big games, ie. College football bowl games, Pro-playoff games of any sport ect. when Brent Musburger is the ever talking commentator, boy I wish that guy would retire or shut his pie hole! I'm not very interested in what color socks the player wore 2 years ago when the team won a title, thanks to Brent's all knowing information

For the BIG games, though, you'll have to hit the Babylonian button or something. Of course, there's probably still a chance you'll get Brentbabble.

Now, if we could only shut up "color" commentator, Tim McCarver -- give me Joe Morgan anyday. I switched to radio for the World Series years ago to avoid McCarver's incessantly insipid "insights." How Gibson could stand him is one of baseball's mysteries. What a pitcher!

I sure miss Vin Scully on the air, don't you?

Don't feel bad, I've done the same thing

I loved listening to Vin Sculley late at night when I was a kid after the Dodgers moved to LA. Between Vin and Wolfman Jack, my nights with a transistor radio (a Bulova gold) were filled with excitement. I was 12 when the Dodgers moved to LA in 1968. Ah, the memories.

Let's try again. I was 12 when the Dodgers moved to LA in 1958. I was 22 in 1968.

You mean a hot tub didn't miraculously appear when you switched it to "spa"? You should get a refund!

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