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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cue Bernie

They're looking for a new U.S. marshal for Portland.

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...Cue Foxworth

Grampy? Could he get top-secret clearance now?

How 'bout Amy Ruiz? She's just as qualified for that as her current gig. Besides she'll need to land someplace after Adams leaves city hall in disgrace by the side door.

Where's Matt Dillon when we need him?

Since you have to be a heartless, low-life scum to be a US Marshall maybe someone should find Stan Peters (former PPA president) or former Mayor Wife Beater to fill the position. If either are still living. Of course Hoyt Cupp is another lovely icon for this too.

I will recuse myself from describing my opinions of federal prosecutors at this time. Let's just say I have had a front row seat to their work in the recent past.

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