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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Connecticut's Wyden

Senator Dodd sure knows how to go to the bank with corporate money.

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God, that's a laugher. Knowing Dodd and how it only took an interest-free home loan from Countrywide to get him to look the other way, he'll probably sell us out cheap again.

Another reason for term-limts - at least we can spread the wealth among these parasites.

I think Chris Dodd deserves as much blame for this financial mess as Henry Paulson. At least Paulson wasn't hiding his ties to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street with those sweetheart deals and using their lobbyist money to get re-elected. He just kept it all for himself like a respectable crook.

It is interesting to see these long-term political players work the system for their own power and financial reward. Dodd got to Congress in 1974. By then Henry Paulson had already been through the Watergate scandal as the assistant to John Ehrlichman from 1972 to 1973. At the time, the early 70s seemed like a moral wasteland, but at least Ehrlichman ended up in prison. Our modern day political creeps just go on thriving from sea to shining sea, or in this case from Goldman Sachs to PGE Park. Could you imagine any powerful Bush official like Paulson or Congressman like Dodd going to prison now? We've arrived at a new place where justice is just a corporate marketing word like "EXXON."

I guess Larry Craig wasn't the only one who benefited from having a wide stance.

The bailout of AIG by Government Sachs (e.g. the Obama administration) is, perhaps, the single most heinous example of corprate graft in the history of finance. I am beginning to wonder whether the Lloyd Blankfiend-led Obama administration might be *worse* than Shrubco.

God help us all.

For those who may want to laugh some more at GS and Paulson, here's a humorous take on GS management:


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