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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

César, César, bo-Bésar, banana bana fo-Fésar

The César Chávez Boulevard Sóap Ópera has come to a close, and the good folks on 39th Avenue have won the prize. There are still a few loose ends -- lawsuits about procedure, the old "I'll never call it that!" routine, calls for changes in the rules in the future, yada yada yada. Might as well throw in some recall talk -- it's cheap right about now. But render to César the street signs that are César's -- it's over.

The mysterious forces behind the name change are to be congratulated for gaming the system well and getting their desired outcome. Now it's on to their next cause. This one has been such an uplifting experience for all concerned -- can't wait for the next one.

Comments (19)

Well, at least the City Council extended their pretense of community involvement beyond their usual timeline. Hey, ever tried to look up "Rosa Parks Way" on your GPS? It's not happening.

It's really unfortunate that the recall effort currently under way is limited to Sam Adumbs.

Move over Boulder. Watch out Eugene. You got nuthin' Madison. Berkeley is so yesterday. Portland is now the PCn'est town in the land.

I completely agree with Max. They should all be recalled (if that's possible). Talk about completely ignoring what their constituents want. It is mind boggling.

Jack, if it weren't for all my skeletons, I would totally run for Mayor. Would you be my publicist?

Only if you faked your last pregnancy.

It's official. What a majority of Portlanders and the neighborhood impacted by the decision think doesn't matter to City Council.

OMG! Did Sam fake his last pregnancy? Well, he fakes so many things...

I meant to attach the current results of KATU's evening poll to my last statement:

I think every business along 39th that doesn't already have 39th in their name should modify their name to work in "39th AVE" in some way, and put it on signs as prominent as current law allows.

I can't wait to visit Trendy NW Richard Nixon Avenue and watch all the beautiful people go by.

As derisive as the laughter the 42nd/Douglas Adams group received was, at least we followed the rules.

Let's spend more money and change Jefferson to Bud Clark Way.

I like Isaac's sensible recommendation, made some time ago: A COMPLETE MORATORIUM ON ANY STREET NAME CHANGES IN PORTLAND.

The idea that it would be disrespectful to the Hispanic community to deny the name change is wrong on so many levels.

First, the CC committee does not represent all Hispanics.

Second, Cesar Chavez was Chicano and not all Hispanics or Latinos/Latinas come from Mexico or are/were transcient crop workers.

Third, naming a street does nothing meaningful for the Hispanic community; it's just an easy way for the city council to claim that it's doing something meaningful.

Fourth, this is Marta Guembe (and other anonymous members of her committee)'s private hobbyhorse and her inflexibility regarding a refusal to consider anything other than a street renaming gave the Hispanic community a dose of bad publicity in the eyes of the larger citizenship of Portland. Many Hispanics do not want this kind of attention drawn to them, this behavior attributed to them or anything whatsoever to do with the renaming brouhaha.

Fifth, the CC committee seems unable to understand that the primary argument has nothing to do with WHO the street should be renamed for. It's simply that changing the name to anything new imposes unwanted expenses upon the businesses that are located there. And when there are other alternatives, it is a unnecessary hardship.

Marta Guembes cares nothing about these people, their struggles or their lives but she expects them to care about what she wants.

The people pushing this must really hate Chavez.

I can't really think of why somebody of Chavez' principles would want to be grouped with a bunch of money-grubbing, land-grabbing, back stabbing, untrustworthy founder types and sleazy politicians of the past.

Ah, well. I'm just surprised nobody tossed lettuce and grapes at the city council members leaving City Hall this evening.

Well...I'd say it's time to boycott. Let's start with ALL donations to city council candidates. Boycott by refusing to recognize the council mandated change.

5%.5 gosh darn %. That is all that support this. I am guessing that is the entirety of the name change committee. I don't know who our elected dimwits are representing, but is sure isn't the majority.

We need to get 50K like reasonably like minded individuals together, each donate $20 and form our own PAC to buy us some politicians. I don't see any other way to get represented any more.

Perhaps opponents should fill the Council Chambers for each and every Council meeting and disrupt it, preventing any business from being transacted, until such time that the Council assures that it will rescind this decision?

Put Chavez' tactics to work. Saul Alinsky calls, folks. Get out your copies of Revielle for Radicals and brush up on your tactics.


If they are going to do this, it's time to reverse those needless changes of street names like "Marguarite Avenue" to numbered place names.

"Get out your copies of Revielle for Radicals and brush up on your tactics."

Or maybe Abbie Hoffman's, "Steal This Book."

Remeber folks, when you don't want to fix potholes or Sellwood bridge its more improtant ot look busy doing "things" like renaming streets or throwing Paulson money.

Throw all these bums out.

Congratulations to randy Leonard, Marta Guembes, and other City Council members for the successful use of the straw man of racism and "anti-Chavez".

That might be one of the best sleight of hand/misdirection tricks I've seen in local politics in years (even counting the Lents Park fiasco).

want the name change? you're cool and diverse.

against the name change? you need your mind broadened, because you're a racist.

Randy Leonard, do you really think you fooled anybody? We know what's going on.

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