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Monday, July 20, 2009

Catchphrase of the Year (so far)

"You’re living in a Whole Foods bubble."

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Never heard that one before, but I feel like Portland may have the highest per capita number of people "living in a Whole Foods bubble."

I was back in the rural midwest for a funeral a few months ago and definitely saw this among even educated people of a certain age. It was disturbing.

Maybe some people in Portland go a while without hearing a bunch of racist crap -- which is what the NYT used the phrase to denote -- but you literally don't have to throw a stone very far from the center of downtown to find people spouting BS about people with skins of a darker shade.

For a film that's probablr similar in many ways to "Prom Night in Mississippi", see "The Order of Myths", about the segregated Mardi Gras traditions of Mobile, Alabama.

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