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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At long last, it's recall day

The folks who want to vote Portland's creepy mayor out of office are expected to file paperwork this morning to start the signature collection on recall petitions. They'll have 90 days to get the requisite number of signatures, and by our calendar that's until October 5, a Monday.

There are so many reasons to want to have this recall election. We'll wait and read the formal statement of grounds, which will probably focus on the stolen mayoral election and coverup, but there will doubtlessly be more to add to it. Inability to tell the truth about darn near anything, constant drama and demands for attention, fiscal recklessness on both personal and professional levels, dangerously careless driving (or worse), bungling of relationships with key state legislators, too many bar sightings, extremely poor judgment overall -- none of these may be on the petition, but they're legitimate reasons to sign it.

And watch for dirty pool that could be played by Sam and his minions any and every step of the way. This thing is likely to get quite vicious.

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First Monday in October. Interesting.

too bad Sam isn't a quitter like Sarah

No matter how many signatures are gathered I'm betting the effort will fail by 200ish signatures due to all the pages thrown out for "discrepencies".

Given the potential for manipulations within the system, what is the possibility of having a seperate agency or state official handle the validating of signatures? If Creepy wants a transparent city government (rim shot) he shouldn't object.

I think the city auditor is the final arbiter here. She's new enough to the job that I think we must give her the benefit of the doubt.

I wish these guys the best of luck, but they are really fighting an uphill battle unless they can suddenly develop a single cogent message.

Unfortunately, it seems like the recall has already been hijacked by the republican party, which means this effort is basically DOA. They would have a better chance of success if they were backed by Satan, Osama Bin Laden and Hitler rather than conservatives.

All the Adams people have to do to undermine the effort is make sure there are lots of duplicate signatures and fraudulent signatures. And I'm not giving away any secrets. The Sten people did the same when they stopped the referral of voter owned elections.

"To sin in haste and repent at leisure is not a privilege available to the public servant. The only privilege of office is to serve, and damned few take advantage of it."

--Mark Twain

Where can I sign? I need to try and undo my foolish vote that helped put this doofus in office.

Warning: when they check the signatures the term "illegible" is often used quite liberally and they may try to discard MANY signatures with that bogus claim. You have been warned.

It will be interesting to see how McCreepy will vote on the 39th St name change tommorow. There's alot of voters along 39th.

Where do I sign.

Wanna make a bet the city auditor actually validates all of signatures unlike the pathetic job (actually they did not do their job) they did for the Cesar Chavez petition.

While out taking care of errands this morning, I encountered young folks with clipboards on almost every corner. It was like an obstacle course. Normally they only haunt Trader Joe's, Powell's and Food Front. I dodged them, having no spare change and melting ice cream in my pack. I was almost home when I began to wonder if any of them had been gathering signatures for the recall. Guess I'll never know, but I would have signed if they'd identified themselves as such.

The recall needs some events or to post on the website the location of places where petitions are available to be signed. That would be better than hit-and-miss street corner minions.

The recall effort will be done door-to-door from everything I've seen from Mr. Wurster and his site.

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