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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another reason to cut down all the trees

For auto tires. Brought to you by OSU. Motto: "You liked the maraschino cherry, you'll love the old-growth radial."

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They ought to use exotic plants instead of trees -- create a market for harvesting noxious plants like purple-loosestrife.


Hey -- hemp tires!!!

Not a bad idea about the hemp: now all of the legalization advocates can list yet another potential use for all of their stems and seeds. (While I'm a firm advocate of legalization, I have to agree with Evan Dorkin about whether or not hemp enthusiasts would be so supportive of a farm crop that didn't have mind-altering effects. I for one would love to see more straight-edge hemp advocates, because then at least you could say that someone's espousing the merits of cannabis without ending their day with the line "I am sooooo hiiiiiiiigh...")

Hemp used to be a huge industry in the US when it was being used to create rope for ships and other heavy industry. I have a copy of one of the government's promotional films on hemp cultivation, harvest and use. It was the Freedom Fries of the time!

Harvesting the stuff looked dirty and dangerous but I'm sure the process has improved vastly since that time and the creation of OSHA.

I can see the warnings on the sides of the tires now: "Do not smoke."

You know, we could kill two birds with one stone here. Grass seed growers, frustrated with the field burning ban could switch to hemp with a few side fields out of pollination distance devoted to hemp's *ahem* smaller cousin for *ahem* medicinal cultivation.

Proximity to college campuses and OSU could only be a bonus.

Up next in Corvallis: Adding a little nuclear waste to your hemp brownies gives it that extra oomph.

The article said the tires could be made from just about any kind of cellulose fiber. So maybe this is a way to get rid of the blackberries in my back yard.

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