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Friday, July 31, 2009

And here we thought the SoWhat towers were empty

Here's a whole higher level of flop, from Florida.

Meanwhile, over in the Hollywood district of Portland, there was some sort of strike going on yesterday outside the new Soviet condo bunker at 43rd and Sandy. A reader wrote:

There is picket line with about 20 folks in front of the new Whole Foods Condo Trap at 43rd and Sandy. Its fun too because these folks have chants,signs and the whole nine yards, at least went I went by. Don't recognize the trade that's out -- traffic was too much to catch it. Sorry, I didn't have time to get a pic either.
Anyone know what that one's about?

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Are you sure they weren't picketing the nearby Chase Bank for all the new "fees" they are charging former WaMu customers?

I saw them as well. I think at least some were wearing hardhats so it looks like a labor issue.

If it's a hard hat crowd, they probably are not protesting the building of the bunker, but the fact that the builder is not using union labor.

Totally different issues.

Retiring at 49. Must be nice, even with the creepy condo.

How about at night when he hears people roaming the building, even knocking on his door? Is that "I Am Legend" or what?

One of my co-workers on the day job has family back in Fort Myers, and he backs up every story that I hear about how bad it's gotten out that way. I find it interesting that the first five minutes of George Romero's "Day of the Dead" were shot in downtown Fort Myers back 25 years ago, because the city is resembling the film more and more as of late.

There were picketers at the Brewery Blocks Whole Foods the other day as well. I believe it was a labor oriented picket, but didn't stop to ask questions. Probably the same group out in Hollywood.

Wait til they can't get flood insurance in SOWA...


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