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Monday, June 22, 2009

The latest authority

I see that the O has roped in reporter Ryan "Gragg" Frank from his usual tour of duty, trying to put a positive spin on the collapse of the Portland condo market, to become today's expert on Oregon law enforcement trends. "Why Kroger Didn't Prosecute Adams." Yawn -- whatever you say, Ry-Guy.

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I love this section:

"Records released Monday also show that Adams gave $750 to Breedlove in late 2008, just before the scandal broke. Adams dropped off envelopes full of cash with his City Hall receptionist and a City Hall guard to give to Breedlove. Both Adams and Breedlove said the money was a loan to help Breedlove move and make a car payment. Breedlove has not repaid the money.
Kroger's report didn't mention the cash payments..."

Both Adams and Breedlove said the money was $750 and a loan? Well, that's good enough for me.

But I keep hearing Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo saying, "Mr. Mayor, I've just got a couple more questions. This money that you gave Beau just as the scandal was closing in on you: How do we know it was only $750? Could it have been a lot more?
Wait, no, what am I saying? That would have shown up later in your own financial situation, being an honest politician and everything. I mean if you paid Beau a lot when they were closing in, you would have been hurting for dough, right? You probably couldn't even make your house payments it'd be so bad. You did make your house payments, didn't you?"

God, I miss that old TV show.

Envelopes full of cash? Hiring a reporter who knew too much? Asking your political advisor to coach the victim?

Nothing to see her, move along. We don't have any corruption in Oregon, not that we prosecute anyway.

I find it hard to believe that over four months were spent on this nothing of an A.G.s report. What a huge disappointment.

I wonder how Machiavelli would have commented on this drama.


And who was paying Charlie Hinkle's $400/hr retainer fee to "advise" Beau Breedlove while everyone was trying to get their stories straight?

I am sure Sam knows the identity of the hidden benefactor(s)and feels morally obligated to show his "thanks".

That is an aspect of this pay-to-play scenario that we'll probably never find out about (unless Beau tells all) because the source of funds is protected by attorney-client privilege.

Envelopes full of cash? Hiring a reporter who knew too much? Asking your political advisor to coach the victim?

Jenn, you left out: Sharing the same political advisor with the AG who is investigating you..

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