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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making the scene at the Copper Penny

The Lents Neighborhood Association is meeting there tomorrow evening -- and the folks calling themselves Friends of Lents Park, who oppose the proposed Paulson stadium in Lents Park, say they'll be showing up to speak their minds.

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A stadium that holds 6500 with 350 parking spots. Now if that isn't stupid I don't know what stupid is. People will not want to come to games if they have to park a mile up the road at Marshall High School or whatever and take a shuttle. It's not like they are coming to see the Rolling Stones or something such that they will be super motivated to put up with a lot of hassles on a weeknight. If it ain't easy the ain't gonna come. Pull your heads out. $42 million in precious urban renewal funds in a pile, pour gasoline on it and light it up that is what is going down here.

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