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Monday, June 15, 2009

If they're going to re-do PGE Park yet again...

... they need to bring this back.

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Multnomah Kennel Club?

I say just build the ski jump and forget the rest of the stadium plans.

We could let Mayor Creepy and Fireman Randy test it. 154 feet is a long way down. I hear Sam doesn't mind heights. Didn't he dangle from the aerial tram for a rope rescue demonstration? And Randy was a fireman so being way up on a ski jump would be a piece of cake for him.

Then again if they do get their way and the public gets soaked for another $80 million, we'd at least be able to get a franchise in the North American Ski Jumping League.

lord paulson does not have the "testicular fortitude" to try such a unique and risky venture, but wouldn't it be fun?

That is friggin' AWESOME!

A ski jump is definitely what we need to revitalize Portland! The rundown Goose Hollow neighborhood could really benefit from reaping the economic stimulus that a ski jumping facility would bring! How are we supposed to attract the all-important Norwegian and Finnish tourist market without one? If we're going to compete with Duluth, Minnestota and consider ourselves a world-class city we must at all costs build a ski-jump.

And if PGE Park doesn't work, we've already got a ski lift in SW Portland...

Here's another view of the Spinal Cord Injury-Fun-Zone-Ride:


I love the signage on the wall and the shot of the surrounding neighborhood in the photo.

I've heard they once ran dog races at Multnomah Stadium with
monkeys as jockeys.

Any truth?

It's funny you should mention this. I was passing by PGE Park today and saw this piece of history immortalized in the concrete sidewalk bordering the east side of the park.

It looks a little amateurish - words, ski jumper - I wonder how long it has been there.

If I owned a cell phone, I'd have taken a photo.

I don't know about monkey jockeys, but I monkey did climb to the summit of Mt. Hood with a group of ski rescue folk in the early 1960s after being feted by Mayor Shrunk and the Portland Rainmakers on the steps of City Hall.

Thanks for the photo, John. I am almost embarrassed to say that I recognize all of the businesses and products on the stadium signage.

And "Beaverooters?" How did we lose THAT one? I wondered what the "Timbers Army" equivalent for Portland baseball fans was.

Monkey jockeys were a fun PR stunt. I suppose the big O has pictures somewhere in the bowels of the building.

Monkey jockeys were a fun PR stunt. I suppose the big O has pictures somewhere in the bowels of the building.

The Big O's building has bowels? That explains the turd that lands on my doorstep every morning and the aroma you can get a whiff of when visiting PGE Park.

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