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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Forget killer bees

Try radioactive wasps.

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Do they glow in the dark? I miss fireflies.

Even worse will be radioactive honey bees. I am sure that some of that ground cover over the Hanford waste dump features "hot" plants. Better get the Geiger counter out before pouring honey on your oatmeal.

Does the army know about this?

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, namely when we here of Kennewick besieged by 12 foot wasps that can shoot lasers from their stingers...

With any luck this could lead to a new generation of superheroes in Oregon:



It says they do not pose a hazard to the workers. Yeah right. Hanford is the place where CH2MHILL keeps getting busted for exposing workers to too much radiation. Hanford is such a cesspool because investigative journalists are too obsessed with Paris Hilton and American Idle freaks. In better news BigTV died last night. What a blessing that is.

"As for the wasps themselves, they're largely long gone"
"Largely" - like "for the most part", "pretty much all"
"very few there" "almost entirely". How reassuring.

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