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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Breaking news: Bush had a brain

This study proves it.

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"Lin says the prime minister doesn't flinch because his brain unconsciously calculated the trajectory of the shoe and dismissed the threat."

Typical scientist misinterpretation. Remember when the Japanese official visited Iraq and the huge bomb went off nearby during the press conference? The Japanese guy jumped a foot in the air - Maliki didn't even flinch then either.

Part of the reason his reaction wasn't as dramatic as Bush's is that Maliki lives there and he's used to the drama.

I also discount it, because of the big smile on Shrub's face as he came back up to see what happened. I suspect that it brought fond childhood memories of Barbara's fourth bottle of Scotch in the early afternoon, and how she'd chuck the empties at anything that moved.

Reflexes? Sure.
Brains? Not so much.

Nevertheless the people who designed and carried out the study might receive an Ig Nobel Prize for it.

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