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Monday, June 15, 2009

Another eBay score

One of the great innovations enabled by the internet is online shopping. Why pay retail for stuff like fancy pen refills or an odd-sized Melitta coffee cone? Somebody's trying to get rid of them for half price, or even better.

And the music! Mint copies of vinyl LPs that you never thought you'd see, in any condition. The more esoteric, the cheaper. Used CDs of this and that, at good prices if you're careful. Just watch out for the shipping charges -- some online sellers will work you over there.

We recently scored 31 fine blues CDs from a person in northern California who wanted to get rid of them in one box. $71.03. You do the math, but that's cheap. We just popped the first one in the slot -- "Little Walter -- His Best." And it is! Go, Walter.

On to Luther Allison next -- on the CD insert, it looks like he's playing a Stratocaster with his tongue!

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I see Fred Kroger is selling new vinyl LPs again, at least the store at 148th & SE Division. Spendy - Box of Led Zep for $50, others $16.99, but I guess if you back out the inflation, it's no worse than $4.98 in 1967. I'll stick with Boomer Estate sales.

Hey, if you ever see an Otis Redding Live in Japan album, grab it. I've only heard pieces of it and never seen an original.

It's got the version of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" that even blows James Brown out of the water.

The Pablo label put out a bunch of Joe Pass discs, including a really great one with Zoot Sims called "Blues for Two." Fine, fine, fine. Never gets old.

I saw Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald at the Civic back in the day. One of those experiences that sort of stun you for a few months.

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