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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adams bankers say they'll go after Breedlove

Mortgage lenders who are foreclosing on Mayor Sam Adams's North Portland home and rental house say they'll seek to enforce the mayor's rights against his former teen lover, Beau Breedlove, to whom he paid $750 cash over the past year, purportedly as loans.

"If these are really loans, they're assets of Mayor Adams, and we have a right to attach them," said Lorne Skinner, a senior vice president in the lending division of Wells Fargo Bank. "Our collection people will be contacting Mr. Breedlove shortly to work out a payment schedule."

News of the highly unusual cash payments by Adams to Breedlove appeared yesterday, on the heels of the closing of the criminal investigation against Adams and the unprecedented release by state Attorney General John Kroger of dozens of pages of interview reports from the investigation.

Elsewhere, Portland developer Homer Williams, who has reportedly been buying up delinquent mortgages in recent days, declined comment on reports that he might acquire Adams's loans and "work something out" with the mayor. A spokesman for Williams told a reporter this morning that the local real estate mogul "is busy this week foreclosing on himself."

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Maybe the bankers could let Beau work it off?

He could pose for the company magazine or take their dogs out. For a walk, I mean.

What a charade.

Funny joke.

Cesspool is more like it.

It's amazing that such a broad collection of people from Kroger to Leonard to the Oregonian to BlueOregon are so incappable of recognizing Creepy for what he is.

As for Creepy and his mortgage defaults. I guess we now know where his paycheck has been going instaed.

Paying for cooperation.

Funny Kroger can't understand why Breedlove's story changed.
Has he ever prosecuted any crimes like this?
Or is he being conveniently unaware?

There's only one way to purge this cesspool now.

A successful recall.

In the stench of Adams support from the usual suspects this must happen.

No wonder Well Fargo is in economic trouble and needs billions of dollars from the feds(us). Going after $750 and becoming involved in Mayor Creepy's mess is just poor management.

The usual suspects in PDX aren't in most places.

Hey Jack --

I think this is one of those cases where a little smilie :) might help your readers understand that you're making a funny, not reporting the news.

Portland Native - adjust the setting on your glasses to "Satire".

(Set the Breedlove gift issue aside. . . and . . . )

Shouldn't a seller of a note/contract/loan at a steep discount be required to offer a stranger no higher discount than that offered to the debtor/obligor? Either that or 1) the claim of a loss for the seller's taxes should be limited to the best price offered to the debtor themselves, and 2) the "sale" is itself subject to being declared void under ORS 646.180 (or a similar anti-price-discrimination statute elsewhere)?

Can the involvement of the FDIC be used to gloss over such apparent trivialities? See the D'Oench v. FDIC line of cases.

I do think it is an issue worthy of litigation (. . . oh wait . . . ).

If the buyer of a Chrysler debt at 29 cents on the dollar gets their 29 cents back, and no more, has the entire capitalist system been dismantlement by Obama (as some folks claimed through shrill voices)?

A new twist added by the TOXIC DEBT clean up scheme is the introduction of public "lending" to the buyers of the too steeply discounted notes. Not only are the debtors excluded from the "approved" list of bidders/buyers at the fire sale but from obtaining the new "lending."

The whole scheme is a government sponsored (or committee approved, like Dentist-Approved) scam, or "sham." It would take someone like Judge Graber -- who authored Baisch v. Dept. of Revenue, 316 Or 203 (1993) -- to figure it all out, or to at least offer a reasonable explanation.

If I were one of the fired-up borrowers noted in the news article I would start by demanding parity with the "buyer" on BOTH the price and the lending terms. The new "redlining" is not geographic but something qualitatively similar, and no less invidious against non-corporate entities. I would immediately make an offer (if you can), in writing, to the seller and the FDIC (cc'd to the IRS and the buyer) to purchase your own debt for a price that meets or exceeds the price paid by the "FDIC approved" buyer.

If your job were to appraise toxic debt could you in all honesty exclude the factors noted above, that interfere with price discovery? Would you, for the IRS or as a "taxpayer advocate", approve of the excess write-offs?

Seriously, isn't it possible that the mayor's mortgage woes are at least partly attributable to payments to people other than his lawyer?

Why didn't the DOJ look at the mayor's bank records?

"Why didn't the DOJ look at the mayor's bank records?"

Lots of, "Why didn'ts..."

Why didn't Adams get a sobriety test when he plowed through a couple vehicles. He was on a public road when the accident was initiated, so the "It happened in a parking lot" excuse is bunk. And I think the severity of the accident would warrant an investigation if was caused by to one of us peons.

The list goes on for the "Why didn'ts and the why don'ts."

By my calculations, at his salary, Adams should take home $6,500 per month (before any addt'l 401k contributions, garnishments, extra insurance etc). So where does all that cash go ? Come on, a single guy with no dependants...
He was delinquint on the mortgage before the AG investigation was initiated. One can't help but wonder how many cash payoffs there were to how many people. How many other envelopes full of cash did Sameo leave at the front desk at city hall?

Hey Kari

If that's the case, I will be looking for one of those :) in the title of your blog any day now.

Yep. One coverup after another: The affair, the subsequent investigation, the bough-off reporter, the traffic accident/cry for help, every violation of the city's own procedures in every step of the Paulson business. Kroger was a waste of time. The FBI needs to come in and look at the whole picture. Discover officially who owns the mayor and council. Study the motivations behind Sam and Randy's grand schemes. Really flick the lights on and watch the roaches scurry.

"6,500 per month ... so where does it all go?"

Obviously not to a barber, a tailor or a gym! . . . or driving lessons!

mp97303, it's always "smilie" for the Adams propagandist, Mr
Chisholm. Just listen to him Tues mornings on 'POJ: he doesn't attempt news reporting. He has become, like Adams, a caricature of progressive and democratic.

pdxnag, it would seem you are not in the mood for satire. While I find some of your posting suggestive, it remains opaque. Perhaps you missed this piece last month in the Seattle Times about how JPM expects to make $29B on the alleged "bad" loans in the $307B in assets that it obtained from WAMU last 25Sept, via the FDIC's Sheila Bair, for $1.9B:

Don Smith...my bad...
In my defense I will say that this whole fiasco seems so totally "Though the Looking Glass" (apologies to Lewis Carrol) that almost anything is possible.
And sometimes large institutions do weird and dumb stuff....

"And sometimes large institutions do weird and dumb stuff...."

Can't argue against that...

Sam should be really pissed at Kroger. Here you have the state AG, in a high profile case, who refuses to use the power of his office to empanel a grand jury and force Breedlove to deny statutory rape by the mayor, or face the risk of perjury. So much for getting to the truth.

If you could correct all that's wrong in Oregon by changing one single element -- wiping away the old-timers' old times in it, and stocking it with new-blooded newcomers -- what would that one functioning 'linchpin' element be?

Massmind media, eh?

My head hurts. We oughta all go elect somebody. Can't we all just get a thong?
I've got a desperate inexplicable craving for fresh juicy strawberries.

It's clear that Creepy is still in office for one simple reason: He needs the money. The guy has never been more than inches away from the public trough. His dubious track record and employment history make him all but unemployable in the private sector.

There is a problem with satire in this post, but it's Kroger's satire of an investigation.

You're telling me that envelopes of money were flowing to Breedlove just prior to his key statement clearing Sam and a professional can look at that and deduce that Breedlove was telling the truth then, and not later?

They can BS all they want about a thicket of lies, but if you just think this through at all, Breedlove's real story is apparent. It's an "either/or" and I vote for the statement that didn't involve a cash flow just prior to it happening.

In other words, Kroger had to disconnect the dots to make his report work. He also must know there's a real obvious problem with the "loans" which is probably why it didn't make his report.

After all, we know cash envelopes never show up in these stories except for the most altruistic of reasons. (Kari, that last sentence is sarcasm.)

Here's some more sarcasm: It's wonderful having a mayor who's willing to risk his reputation to mentor teenagers, even having the heart to leave envelopes full of cash for them just prior to them making statements about what the mayor did with them.

And it's great having a State Attorney General who can fight back his shyness around TV cameras long enough to exonerate this wonderful man. Kroger's job wasn't just to connect the dots in the case. He had to connect the dots in Sam's heart. And when he did they formed one big Valentine. Thanks, everyone.

I've got a desperate inexplicable craving for fresh juicy strawberries.

Careful, I think that's what got the mayor in trouble in the first place.


The most serious charges Adams potentially faced (either 3rd degree sexual assault, or contributing to the delinquency of a minor), are both misdemeanors. None of the elements for a possible indictment for a felony offense in the matter are present (either a victim under 16, a forcible assault, or other circumstances which have never been alleged). Empaneling of a grand jury is not necessary to bring misdemeanor charges, and use of one to conduct an investigation into a misdemeanor offense would be irregular at best, abuse of power at worst.

Having Breedlove testify under oath that no sex took place while 17 would go a long way to exonerating Adams in the public eye--though many of us feel he should resign for lies already told even he did wait until Breedlove was 18--but that's not Kroger's job.

It's clear that Creepy is still in office for one simple reason: He needs the money.

No, its because of the ideological blinders worn by most folks in Portland. I bet if there was another election today, he would win again.

Sounds like Kroger could have been lead PR for the story on the Emperors’ new suit.

listen to him Tues mornings on 'POJ: he doesn't attempt news reporting.

No, I certainly don't. I am not a reporter. I have never claimed to be one.

As the Oregonian reported in a long front-page Sunday feature about me and some other bloggers back in 2006:

Chisholm cheerfully admits to a welter of conflicts that would send conventional journalists to the unemployment line.

"I'm not a journalist, I'm an activist," says Chisholm. "I don't pretend to have a neutral point of view."

You'll note that on KPOJ this morning, I went out of my way to note that I did some work for Adams back in 2008. I normally don't do that on-air, leaving it to the show's hosts to make a note if they think it's relevant (and they often do.) I let them know in advance if we're going to be talking about a client of mine.

Yes, Mr Chisholm, I did hear you this morning go "out of [your] way to note" that you worked for Mr Adams during his campaign for mayor. You were outed earlier this year in a WW blog regarding your previous failures to disclose your affiliation with Mr Adams, so your sensitivity to your vulnerability on this score is understandable. Leaving such disclosures to talk show hosts, however, is to pass responsibility for your own integrity to uncertain caretakers. If you value your integrity, you really should make your own disclosures.

It is, after all, the disclosures of various affiliations with Mr Adams that have prompted more than five months of speculation, divisiveness, and disappointment in the political images that have been retailed by you and other "activists." Complete and honest disclosure of affiliation with Mr Adams seems to be something that people affiliated with Mr Adams do not do. Complete and honest disclosure of his revelatory affiliations is certainly something that Mr Adams seems unwilling or unable to do. This city and its residents have been burdened heavily by such failures to disclose.

No one would ever mistake you for a journalist and no one would ever rely on you for an accurate news report. This is not to suggest that you do not occasionally say something that is actually true.

I note that you do not dispute being a caricature of progressive and democratic.

I'm surprised that this has not been mentioned in any of the commentary regarding AG Kroger and his report on Mayor Adams.

This Friday, Kroger will be speaking at the Portland City Club Friday Forum. One of the nice things is that these Friday Forums are open to the public as well as to members. An added benefit of being a member of the City Club, is that you get to ask the guest speaker questions at the end of the program.

On June 26, City Club welcomes Oregon Attorney General John Kroger. Now six months into his term, Kroger will offer a progress report on what he has accomplished, what he has learned and how he hopes to reshape the role of Attorney General in Oregon.

More info at http://www.pdxcityclub.org

These Friday Forums are usually quite interesting, and an excellent opportunity to meet Portland's and Oregon's luminaries.

You were outed earlier this year in a WW blog regarding your previous failures to disclose your affiliation with Mr Adams... Complete and honest disclosure of affiliation with Mr Adams seems to be something that people affiliated with Mr Adams do not do.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm proud to call myself a supporter and friend of Mayor Adams.

One thing that I'm known for is the relentless use of "Full Disclosure: My firm built a website for so-and-so. I speak only for myself." when I comment on blogs. I can't say I remember to do it every time, but often enough that some people say it's annoying.

In any case, I've publicly disclosed our relationship on my client list, which is easily found on my website.

Why are we talking about me?

Mr Chisholm, refresh your memory here: http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2009/01/29/adams-admission-reaction-the-blue-oregon-connection/

Perhaps you find yourself talking about you because you would prefer not to talk about the addenda to the Kroger report on your mendacious client.

Certainly it was not your client's lying that you wanted to discuss on 'POJ last Tuesday or, so far, any Tuesday.

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