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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who were those masked heroes?

Well, the business people have pungled up, and the Washington Park free summer concerts are back on. The happy announcement is here -- anybody got the complete list of sponsors?

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Good news, but how much sucess will they have booking decent acts this late in the game? Dear God, not Bobby McFerrin again.

There's a list here although it may not be complete.


I'd like to see a list of those who think the sponsor is important.


We raised $120,000 in a week to save the Washington Park summer concert series.

It is a 60-year old tradition--and free!

I am grateful so many public-spirited businesses, foundations and individuals stepped up. Credit goes to Gordon Sondland and Katy Durant for their 50k challenge grant--and to KEX for running a daily pledge drive.


No sign of our favorite new billionaire, Richie Rich Paulson?

If they can afford to donate that much money, these businesses are clearly not being taxed enough. Raising taxes on biz is the answer to all of Oregons problems. Oh wait, this comment belongs over at BO.

Why doesn't Parks cut a few layers of management to save some money, they are really top heavy? Oh wait, the managers are the ones who make the proposed budgets. They could also cut the park ranger program, had a chat with a couple this past weekend and they are useless.

hey westsideguy, please go to the city's website and let them know how you feel about the ranger program on their budget suggestion page. I did as I agree entirely with you, they are a huge waste of money.

Thanks lupin, just did that as you suggested. I like the idea of having rangers in the parks but these people are useless. They have no power and are horrible problem solvers. Seems like to me the money spent on that program could be better spent on park maintenance and recreation programs.

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