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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The thrill is gone

For the record, Sam Adams is no longer listed as one of Merritt Paulson's Facebook friends.

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Cue the violins.

How about a world class mandophonic orchestral rendition of the Jaques Offenbach classic Can-Can?


Because I couldn't find any mp3 or youtube videos of the world's tiniest violin orchestra.

It was a whirlwind bromance.

Does this mean the liar/loser has resigned?

He asked with a sardonic grin...

...with friends like these/this...

Does anyone know when this happened? was it before or after his truth-in-screaming moment with the Randy Leopard?

I heard from a somewhat reliable source that the Megalomaniac Mayor has removed himself from the world of Facebookery.

garage wine, that makes sense since I noticed a friend of mine is no longer friends either with him...

Still the occasional twit, though.

It might not be a matter of friendship. Communications on Facebook might be subject to public record requests under certain circumstances.

This is so incredibly funny I just can write anything to respond............maybe just to hell with both of them and Facebook too. Is it my imagination or are Facebook and Twit making politics and media more and more like one big infantile junior high school ? What is next ? Will Kulongoski unfriend Al Gore ?

Turn out the lights the party's over....

Sounds like something a criminal defense lawyer might recommend if he was awaiting an indictment.

Burn your nude photos, donate your old computers (sans hard drive, of course) to charity, quit posting online, no more escort services or controlled substances, Xanax/Viagra from Canada, etc.

Apparently in this case the lawyer neglected "no more driving around crazy with your pants unzipped."

Interesting . . . just a couple weeks ago Sam Adams (or someone acting on his behalf) sent me a friend request. Now he's gone from Facebook?

Last night on KATU, Dan Tilkin told/showed how he got the statement about Wade Nkrumah's resignation from the mayor. The first three times Tilkin asked why Nkrumah was leaving, the mayor said "no comment." But the fourth time he asked, the mayor made his off the cuff remark.

I am undecided about why KATU aired the story, whether it's a CYA piece, something from The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion or an attempt to call attention to a problem the public has not picked up on yet.

Sam is no longer listed on my Facebook friends list. Awwwww, say it ain't so, Sammy. I feel oh so rejected. I guess it's time to run down to Powells and pick up a copy of "He's Not That Into You" or something.

'unfriending' someone is so classless.

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