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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smell test?

When a witness to an accident tells a responding police officer that he thinks the driver who caused the accident was drinking, what is the officer's duty at that point?

In the report, Sgt. R.K. Berry said a witness approached him and said Adams might have been drinking. Berry wrote that the first officer on the scene did not smell alcohol on Adams, however.
And that's that, I guess.

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Golly, it sure must be nice to cause a three car collision, flagrantly ignore basic traffic laws, skid all the way across, what a divider and a parking lot, then...


...when someone else involved in the accident you caused claims that you smell of alcohol, the police do not preform a field sobriety test.

It is good to know that the decades-long reputation for rampant corruption in Portland is completely unfounded.

It is also most informative to see the manner in which the law applies to prominent local politicians as compared to the average citizen.

Also most enlightening, is to see how local champions of "Green" living and public transportation, who advocate and even legislate with every fiber of their being to get vehicles such as large white GMC pickups off the road, live and work in the same manner as they demand of their constituents.

Perform, nor preform. Excuse me, I'm laughing like a lunatic right now with stunned disbelief.

The only thing preformed by Portland's finest was a conclusion about Hizzoner's sobriety.

Um, where's the part about how he stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake?

It's in there. The official report is here.

Which page of the report? Thanks.

I stand corrected. It's not in there. It's reported here, however, as coming from an anonymous source within the Police Bureau.

At least we as a city are making progress. We now know that Portland Police will cover up for gay politicians just as much as straight ones.

Odd: Didn't Officer Harris write a/the report? He had the most contact and primary responsibility at the scene, esp. as first responder. Sgt. Berry apparently sat in his car the whole time.

Btw, this is not the "Original Report" -- which this "Special Report" of May 4 states was made the day before, at 18:18.

Apparently this "Special Report" was composed solely to address whether the Mayor got special treatment.

Also, there is NOTHING about the other "KN"s (Person w/Knowledge) -- i.e., the victims -- and what's the difference between a "KN" and an "SB" (Subject) in this kind of scenario? For the purposes of the "Special Report" at least, Adams clearly was the Subject of that report.

Hey -- Why wasn't Adams cited for failure to control his vehicle? (Adams is accusing the Suburu driver of making an illegal right from a left lane, or else Adams was trying to pass him from outside the fogline (illegal pass)).

Note also, so far there is no mention of any officer ever asking Adams the standard question: "Have you had anything to drink today?" They were probably afraid of the answer.

The ol' "don't ask, don't tell," eh?

Let's see the Original Report of 6:18 p.m., May 3.

Officer Harris' original notes are ashes and smoke by now. Or else in a safe.

Maybe there is another report (Oregon Police Crash Report) by Officer Harris?

At the bottom of this page is a link to the Portland Police Manual of Policy and Procedure.


Procedures for "Traffic Crash Investigations" are in Directive 640.50. Enjoy!

A possibly related question: If the mayor is driving his own car but is on "city business" is the city on the hook for the accident?

Well if a Mayor Creepy can't have a few beers on his day off, blow a 17 year old kid in the men's room, or confuse the gas pedal with the brake, who can?

Portland's Elite: membership has its privileges.

Maybe the A.G. could request his credit/debit card receipts for the afternoon: find out how many beers he bought before climbing in the GMC.

Better yet, we could offer a new tax break to people who get t-boned by the Mayor (or his staff).

Why is the case number on Berry's report blacked out?

"Boning"...."T" or otherwise appears to be Sam's MO. Better stay out of his way...or...beware if he's behind you.

This isn't about his sexual preferences.

According to that print-out, the incident was first reported at 18:18. Off. Harris arrived 1 min. 20 sec. later.

The two victims' names & info appear, but not Adams'. Why not? Looks like Adams treated differently right away (18:20:10 thru 18:51:46).

See printout TXT at 18:20:10 -- What does "PI DIR HIT FOR THIS" mean?

Sgt. Berry doesn't arrive on scene until almost half and hour (24 min. 46 sec.) after the incident call.

The 09-039346 number handwritten in next to the hand-blacked out case no. block on the top of the "Special Report" is same # that appears at the end of the printout after new day's date of May 4, at 16:46:51, shortly after the time of Sgt. Berry's report.

What printing is obscured at the top of the printout doc?

Let's see Off. Derek Harris' report.

Wonder what Officers Nuygen and Kraner saw and heard, esp. from Off. Harris?

"Hey -- Why wasn't Adams cited for failure to control his vehicle? (Adams is accusing the Suburu driver of making an illegal right from a left lane, or else Adams was trying to pass him from outside the fogline (illegal pass))."

Why would the car in front of Adams have been in the center turing lane? There's no place to turn left! Speculation only, but I'd bet Sam was in a rush and simply did not have time to wait for the slowpoke commoner in front of him, so hit the gas and pass the peon... oops...

Have you ever driven behind a vehicle whose driver crosses the center line before turning left or right? Usually without signaling the turn? That might be what happened here. Add no brake lights and voila! an accident. That's not necessarily what happened here, but I've been behind these accidents waiting to happen.


Just a guess, I think it means personal injury directive not applicable to this accident. I don't know what "HIT" stands for. The entry is a reference to procedures required by the police manual.

That might be what happened here

Perhaps initially. But most of the time in this situation it's only a fender bender, not a case where the turning vehicle ends up being pushed across a parking lot, impacted into a second vehicle, and finally comes to rest 50-70 feet away from the initial point of impact.

I'm not trying to say the mayor is without fault. He must have been distracted at the very least, or following too closely, to not be able to avoid the collision or have it be a true fender bender, which this was definitely not. Even though no one was injured, I think the police should have done more.

I'm waiting to for someone to post that they were involved in a similar collision, that the Portland Police responded, and that no citations were issued, just an exchange of information. I haven't seen one yet.

When it comes to non injury crashes the PPB is a joke. (I know this first hand after being hit in SW Portland) They will NOT file a report or investigate unless someone has been transported to the hospital with trauma injuries, or it involves a confirmed DUII or crime. The PPB will just facilitate the exchange of info on non injuries.

Without an investigation or an officer being a witness to a crash the police can't issue citations.

The report linked above was a "special report" by the officers supervisor to indicate that the officer followed all PPB rules, since it involved the mayor. It isn't a crash report. What the PPB should do in cases like this is contact OSP, MCSO, or a neighboring city to come and deal with everything since the mayor runs PPB.

Actually, at the moment I believe that Dan Saltzman is the police commissioner. But if the PPB couldn't investigate Interngate, it surely should have stepped aside on this one.

I agree with Mister Tee, let's see the credit card activity AND the cell phone records from the time of the accident to the time the tow trucks pulled out. Did Adams phone for a specific ranking officer to come to the scene? Did he speak by phone with anyone else in PPB during the ensuing on-scene activity? Who did he dial when he got back into his truck immediately after it occurred?

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