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Sunday, May 31, 2009

See you around the Quad

Remember when Randy Gragg went to Harvard for a year? After years of kissing up to the Portland architect and developer sets on behalf of the O, he spent a year or so as a Loeb Fellow at the Yard's Graduate School of Design. The payoff on his return, of course, has been to run Portland Monthly magazine, the city's relentless (but seemingly troubled) directory of plastic surgeons, bankruptcy lawyers, and bars.

Well, now, guess who's next up for a Loeb. None other than the City of Portland's recently ousted planning director Gil Kelley. No doubt the Graggster wrote him a nice letter of recommendation.

Comments (2)

I kinda liked that Portland Monthly article about the Memorial Coliseum nightmare (but I do agree the magazine is relentless on those topics you mentioned).

This was a good line:

"But [in trying to tear down Memorial Coliseum, Adams and Leonard] forgot the step Portlanders always demand between chin-rubbing and punching the gas: a long argument over the map."

"Punching the gas" without thinking is a big problem for these people. Sam Adams practically stands on it.

Any Architect working for a local newspaper has to be performing below Harvard's expectations.

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