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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PGE steps up to help with energy bills

Portland General Electric announced this morning that it is donating $1 million to help some distressed Oregonians cope with unprecedented energy bills that resulted from last year's surge in oil prices.

PGE executives told a Portland press conference that their company is contributing the $1 million to another local energy utility, NW Natural, to help the latter company cope with yesterday's news that it will have to pay its customers immediate refunds of $32 million for overcharges in natural gas prices over a five-month period earlier this year and in late 2008.

"Huge heat bills like these are hard to cope with," PGE CEO Jim Piro told the assembled media. "It's always been our practice to see that thousands of Oregon residents receive assistance with their power costs when they have needed it most. We know that some of our industry colleagues have had their bonuses and stock options cut this year, and with the recent cost increases everywhere, they’re having trouble meeting all their payment obligations."

Piro noted that the number of corporate executives requesting financial assistance from the government keeps growing. "Rises in prices at Strohecker's, special condo association assessments, and diminishing subsidies from the Port of Portland and the Portland Development Commission are putting tremendous pressure on entrepreneurs in our region. Unfortunately, our people are having to make hard choices between paying for basic needs like customer refunds, sailboat maintenance, Botox injections, and Ermenegildo Zegna suits," he said. "Our corporate support will help NW Natural tough out these hard times, and keep the shrimp cocktail at the Arlington Club at sustainable temperatures."

PGE will also place a special flyer in its customers' electric bills over the summer, asking them to pitch in to the effort.

Comments (8)

Right. My apartment has electric heat. Who's helping me with PGE's rates?

But watch, PGE's rates will go up now.

Great, except you forgot to mention it will create 87.2 jobs at Strohecker's.

Another "Priceless" moment.

Yep, whatever they "donate" out of the goodness in their heart just goes right to the bottom line of our next bill.
I'm surprised there isn't a seperate line item on my bill for Peggy Fowler's $795,000 annual pension too.

Did anyone else get a letter about a PGE Trojan overbill from 2000?

People, I think he is goofing on y'all.

An incisive piece of satire nonetheless.

Da! Really?

power generation pricing schemes areone of the largest, longest-running, government-sanctioned scams in American history.

so, I gag a little on the news that PGE is "helping" people--which is like someone running over your dog then offering you a free bag of dog food.

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