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Monday, May 18, 2009

Only with envy

The 15 greenest mayors in America have been named -- and guess which state is not represented.

I don't know -- it's probably pretty bad when the mayor of Jersey City is more of an environmental leader than you are.

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You realize this means we need to take even more money from schools, potholes and police to move ourselves up this list, don't you?

This is why I dislike these lists since they never tell you exactly what your are measuring.

After reading about the accomplishments of these 15 mayors, I realized that Adams really hasnt done anything really "green" other than a lot of talk. Streetcar, ok, technically green but its more of a ego-stroking project for him.

Adams really is more of a "green poser". Seeing him in his huge GMC pickup kind of killed the image for me.

What's pathetic is that so many well-meaning young Portlanders buy his line of hype. I'm convinced that 1/2 of his support against the recall is uncritical young people who think he's green. Like, his over-paid "sustainability adviser" is an admittedly unqualified reporter who got the goods on his lies and pedophilia! What a joke. You could laugh if you didn't have to cry.

Was in Davis, CA, recently. What a contrast. There isn't anything they're doing that we couldn't do. Awesome.

It's not just the city. The state has also been resting on its laurels for decades. Oregon was a leader in the 70's but has been outpaced by other states over the last decade or so. Our AG's office doesn't even have a team to investigate and prosecute environmental polluters. How green is that?

I don't like lists, but this falls in line to a post I made several months ago about how an eco executive of a large eco-firm in Houston almost laughed when asked how Portland measures up in eco-credibility back in D.C. where she spent much of her time. Not really kind words- "Portland and Oregon knows how to spend eco-money per person, but little, real eco results".

Oregon "We're really just eco posers."

A bit off topic: Maybe it's the 4 million Styrofoam trays that end up in area landfills each year thanks to the Portland Public School District, because the city leadership doesn't fully enforce the Styrofoam ban that's been in place for almost 20 years.


Portland: all smoke and no fire. Rather, go where the $$$ is....light rail...streetcars.....trams. The "green theme" is as empty as the rumpled suit (with unzipped trousers) Creepy wears.

maybe it is like india's growing economy? Jersey City had a lot further to go just to get to average.

Here is a little more information regarding this list from Jeff Mapes:

"...However, it wasn't quite clear why those 15 mayors were selected. Looking further, I found references indicating that the list actually came from Grist, a well-known environmental news and commentary site.

And it turns out that Grist has a whole different spin on the list, which it describes as 15 "green-leaning mayors" who are "just a few of the municipal leaders who have worked to take our collective future into their own hands." Kind of puts a whole new spin on it.

Plus, as it happens, Grist in 2007 listed Portland as No. 2 on a list of 15 green cities worldwide that "deserve recognition for making impressive strides toward eco-friendliness." ..."

"We're really just eco posers."

How about eco-poseurs, to match eco-charettes?

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