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Thursday, May 14, 2009

More biotech lies from OHSU and the PDC

Those guys just never stop.

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“I think the argument is difficult, ‘Hey, we’ve put this money in and nothing’s popping, so let’s put more money in and hope to do better,’ ” Taylor says. “I don’t think that makes sense at all.”

Seems applicable for the Convention Center as well.

Larry: What do you mean? That's what has made casino owners rich forever -- "My luck's bound to change if I just stick with it!"

I tracked down the PDC study, which cites ECONorthwest as the source. I believe they are the same firm PDC hired to assess PDC's new downtown district. An ex PDC employee is heading that effort, who also had some involvement in the "SoWhat" district negotiations.

McMenamins: Portland's largest bioscience company? From the Tribune article:

Portland economist Joe Cortright calls the bioscience association’s numbers “an unbelievable stretch.”

“That’s not bioscience,” Cortright says. “The object of this is not to generate an industry that gets more blood and urine tests. Why not put brewing in there? They’re using yeast. They’re harnessing the power of yeast to make beer.”

If OHSU was really concerned about "unleash[ing] the full potential of bioscience in Oregon" then why is it establishing a satellite institution in Florida? VGTI [Vaccine Gene Therapy Institute] Florida currently has 6 employees in Florida but is required by contract with the State of Florida to create at least 200 jobs by 2018. Maybe this is why the original projections for private sector jobs in Oregon are off target: OHSU is creating private sector jobs in Florida instead. And where does OHSU think the spinoff companies from research done in Florida will set up shop?

What is really going on here?


Hopeful, thanks for bringing the Florida connection up again. I think they want us to forget about that.

I think they can round up more uninformed test subjects in Florida....good sustainable flow of Guinea Pigs.

Why is it that all the bogus studies come from ECONorthwest ? They need more scrutiny.

PDC and EcoNorthwest have also perpetuated other numerous myths about biotech jobs in SoWhat and the rest of the metro area besides the number of jobs.

At two presentations to the SoWhat URAC by PDC staff and the Oregon Bioscience Association in the past year, they claimed that biotech jobs have a multiplier of 10. One biotech job really means ten. They also applied this same theory to dollar benefits-one dollar contributing to the economy from biotech jobs really multiplies ten times.

It was asked that since this report was to be used for allocation of $289 Million dollars of taxpayer money in SoWhat, then why did the $5.5 Million given to the new OHSU Health/Sports Club in SoWhat to generate biotech jobs didn't generate even one job or any biotech money results. No answer Next question, please.

Starting ten years ago with Vera Katz, and Sam Adams as senior advisor, proclaiming there will be 10,000 biotech jobs in SoWhat alone, this "multiplier affect" has totally gotten out of hand.

ECONorthwest also did a market study for the Headquarters Hotel in April 2006.


And it did an economic impact study for the HQ Hotel in June 2006.



Isn't that blowhard Joe Cortright part of ECONnorthwest? The same jerk who is always telling us that the "creative class" is Portland's savior? The same jerk - with no degree in economics I might add - who heads Teddy K's panel of economic advisors?

Impresa Consulting. Cortright's analyses are usually opposed to the boondoggles. Maybe that's because he doesn't have a degree in economics.

What do OHSU, the PDC and Creepy have in common?

They'll lie about anything and everything.

In fact the SoWa plan has collapsed and both OHSU and PDC are in desperate need of bailout money.
This latest scam is a covert attempt to Bail out their previous scams.

Making things worse for both is OHSU was paid $3.5 million in by the PDC for 100 future parking spaces in a building OHSU was to have built in SoWa by 2010.
No such building in on the way. It was a fabrication to cover up the distribution of millions to get OHSU to agree to the soaring Tram costs. Just as other payoffs to developers for the same Tram reason.

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