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Monday, May 11, 2009


If you questioned whether the Portland city government should be publishing Fireman Randy's Caesar salad recipe, check out this page from the State of Louisiana.

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I don't mean to brag, but I make a mean swamp rat stew.

Smart. People are less likely to complain if a recipe can be made from road kill. We are in a recession after all.

Something I learned watching a food/travel TV show about Louisiana: Nutria have orange teeth.

Hind saddle? They must get much bigger in Louisiana if they are able to saddle them up.

Nutria have orange teeth.

Nasty little buggers, too. I knew a guy who used to trap them down in Whiteson.

Stuffed Nutria Hindquarters.

Yet another Sam Adams joke!

I've eaten some strange things...rattlesnake, wild hare, kangaroo, ostrich, bison, frog, etc. But I would never ever ever consider eating a nutria for pleasure or otherwise. I see those little buggers when kayaking and hiking in wetlands, and they can be mean and aggressive like muskrats or badgers. No thanks.

"But I would never ever ever consider eating a nutria for pleasure or otherwise."

...or otherwise? Hmmm. Please do explain.

Some enterprising person could set up a Free Range Nutria ranch on the Heron Lakes Golf Course.

I remember back in the late 50's when the Nutria pelt prices dropped. My uncle, one of the first growers of Nutria had to kill off a batch (he may have let a few out into the wilds, too) and they miraculously made it onto many dining room tables.

On our family farm it wasn't too unusual for Mom to have servings that were out of the ordinary. This one night the "rabbit" didn't taste like "rabbit". A few days later Mom finally admitted it wasn't "rabbit" but a "nutria rabbit sort of breed".


If I was starving and that's all that was available, I'm not sure I could choke it down. hee hee.

Here is a picture of Boudreaux, the mascot of the New Orleans Zephyrs minor league baseball team.

Here's a pic of the team's logo.

The Portland Beavers will be in New Orleans to play the Zephyrs for a 4-game road trip beginning May 16.

Sure is a small world. Our Beavers are playing the Nutrias.

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